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.38 Special
Classical, Rock
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.38 Special

.38 Special songsMost popular .38 Special songs (see all 122 songs)
1The Play lyrics
2Hold On Loosely lyrics
3Who's Been Messin' lyrics
4Miracle Man lyrics
5Bring It On lyrics
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.38 Special albumsMost popular .38 Special albums (see all 14 albums)
1Drivetrain [2004]
2Anthology [2001]
3Sturgis [1999]
4Resolution [1997]
5Bone Against Steel [1991]
6Rock & Roll Strategy [1988]
7Flashback [1987]
8Strength In Numbers [1986]
9Tour De Force [1983]
10Special Forces [1982]

Initially, .38 Special were one of many Southern rock bands in the vein of the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd; in fact, the band was led by Donnie Van Zant, the brother of Skynyrd's leader, Ronnie Van Zant. After releasing a couple of albums of straight-ahead Southern boogie, the band revamped its sound to fall halfway between country-fried blues-rock and driving, arena-ready hard rock. The result was a string of hit albums and singles in the early '80s, highlighted by "Caught Up in You," "If I'd Been the One," "Back Where You Belong," and "Like No Other Night." .38 Special's popularity dipped in the late '80s as MTV-sponsored pop and heavy metal cut into their audience. Though the band had its biggest hit in 1989 with the ballad "Second Chance," it proved to be their last gasp -- they faded away in the early '90s, retiring to the oldies circuit.

Donnie Van Zant (vocals) formed the Jacksonville, FL-based .38 Special in 1975 with Jeff Carlisi (guitar), Don Barnes (guitar, vocals), Ken Lyons (bass), Jack Grondin (drums), and Steve Brookins (drums). Two years later, the band signed with A&M Records and released its eponymous debut. Neither 38 Special or its follow-up, Special Delivery, received much attention, but the group began to build up a following through its constant touring. Bassist Lyons left before the recording of 1979's Rockin' Into the Night, the album that demonstrated a more melodic, driving sound; he was replaced by Larry Junstrom. Rockin' Into the Night became a moderate hit, but 1981's Wild-Eyed Southern Boys was a genuine hit, going platinum and generating the Top 40 "Hold On Loosely." Special Forces, released in 1982, was even more popular, spawning the Top Ten single "Caught Up in You" and "If I'd Been the One." Tour de Force (1983) and Strength in Numbers (1986) were both successes, and the band continued to be a popular touring outfit. Barnes and Brookins left in 1987; Barnes was replaced by Danny Chauncey.

While Strength in Numbers had been popular, it didn't stay on the charts as long as its predecessors. Flashback, the 1987 greatest-hits album, was moderately successful, but the band took precautions to retain its audience by recording the polished Rock & Roll Strategy. Released in 1989, the album slowly became a hit on the strength of "Second Chance," an adult contemporary-oriented ballad that reached the Top Ten. Rock & Roll Strategy became the band's final big hit. Barnes returned to the band in 1991 and the group added drummer Scott Hoffman and keyboardist Bobby Capps. Even with the extensive retooling and the support of a new label, Charisma, 1991's Bone Against Steel failed to gain much attention. .38 Special didn't release another album for six years. In the summer of 1997, they released a comeback effort titled Resolution on Razor & Tie Records. Live at Sturgis followed on CMC in 1999.
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0 likes - like | 05-12-2010 20:44 thekingchapman2 
161 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Hold On Loosely

0 likes - like | 26-09-2009 00:29 LudMan 
1,216 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Caught Up In You

Great- Fall '82 & '83, Malones,Savannah,Georgia
0 likes - like | 01-07-2009 22:55 BlinkGirl88 
65 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Caught Up In You

Love Love Love this song!!!
0 likes - like | 11-02-2007 04:34 LudMan 
1,216 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Hold On Loosely


Loving TOO much. -
0 likes - like | 11-02-2007 04:22 LudMan 
1,216 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Hold On Loosely

I don't know why either PR & Hurion, but, this much I've learned the hard

way- "Darn, this song is extremely accurate in it's presentation. The advice

is pure wisdom,that, I never was told,was CLUELESS to,and, though I did

receive hints,once I allowed my love to generate to a certain degree- it was

TOO LATE TO SLOW DOWN. IF I only knew then what I know now!

0 likes - like | 23-11-2006 22:29 Hurion 
1 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Hold On Loosely

I agree, great song.
0 likes - like | 28-04-2006 16:49 jrogers 
17 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Trooper With An Attitude

fuckin pigs
0 likes - like | 15-03-2006 03:38 kmhshhs 
23 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Caught Up In You

great sing along song!
great roll down the windows and soak up the sun kind of song.
0 likes - like | 15-01-2006 01:51 Psycho_Rocker 
1,103 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Hold On Loosely

this song is damn good. i wonder why the discussion on this song has only 1 reply.
0 likes - like | 02-11-2005 03:22 sixstringartist 
9 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Little Sheba

This song cracks me up. I like how 38 special likes to tell stories in their songs. Funny song, I like tht style.
0 likes - like | 06-09-2005 16:10 PinkFloyd 
34,631 posts
@ song: .38 Special - Hold On Loosely

I love nearly every song by these guys, but this is my absolute favorite.