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Singer Adele Sorry For 'Rude Jew' Comments
09-05-2009 16:44 | 1 comment(s)
Adele London soul songstress Adele has issued an apology for causing offence with comments made on stage at the show at Toronto's Massey Hall last week.

The singer reportedly ended a story about a "rude" pawn shop owner in the city by saying:

"He wasn't Canadian, he was Jewish". When this drew an unfavourable reaction from the audience, she added: "I just meant he wasn't a rude Canadian... I'm digging myself deeper".

In an apology issued via her US label, Columbia, Adele said:

"What I said on stage in Toronto on Wednesday night at Massey Hall was not meant how it came across. But I completely understand how it was offensive. I sincerely apologise for being so naive and disrespectful! It was not my intention to be hurtful and I'm very sorry".

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0 likes - like | 04-03-2012 18:14 Poorinreign 
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If instead of Jewish she'd said Muslim, I wonder what would've happened.