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Al. Hy
Avantgarde, Dance, Punk, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Pop
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Al. Hy - News

Happy to have lost The Voice
17-05-2012 15:37 | 0 comment(s)
Al. Hy She was the favourite of TF1's TV show The Voice, La Plus Belle Voix. But on Saturday (May 12), Al. Hy lost in final & ended third, behind Louis Delort & the unexpected winner, Stéphan Rizon.

Everybody saw her as the winner. Since the performance of the contestants from "The Voice" are available on iTunes, her songs are the most downloaded ! However, last Saturday, Al. Hy lost in final. She didn't end at the second place but at the third (24.1%), behind Louis Delort (29.9%) & most of all, Stéphan Rizon, the unexpected winner who got 31.5% of viewers' votes.

But in an interview with "La Voix Du Nord", Al. Hy said that she's happy not to have won. "I wasn't ready for a full album" she explained. She got a lot of maturity but she wasn't able to work on her first album immediately. "I could never have prepared an album in only 2 months. It was a great adventure but now, I need to breathe again" she added.

Also, Al. Hy added that considering her as the show's winner fed her up. "Sincerely, I've had enough of being the favourite" she said, not disappointed by Stéphan Rizon. "I'm very happy for him. He didn't hope that at all" she revealed, still following the singer's early career. "I've listened to his own songs, he's going to surprise people" she added.