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Angelica Maria - Biography

last update : 30-10-2012 16:21
Angélica María her complete name is Angélica María Hartman Ortíz is a mexican actress and singer. She was born in New Orléans, Louisiana, USA on September 27th, 1944. She is known as "La Novia de México" (The girlfriend of Mexico). After the divorce of her parents, Angélica moved with her mother to Mexico City at the age of 5. Her aunt Yolanda Ortíz introduced her in the film world. Her first role in a film was a boy's role in the film "Pecado" (Sin). Then she continued appearing in other movies with small roles. At the age of 6 she won an Ariel (an important prize for mexican actors) for her performance in Mi Esposa y La Otra (My wife and the other). Parallel she was acting in theater.

After becoming so successful and being so young she became "La novia de la juventud" (The girlfriend of youth). She had the dream of recording her first álbum, but it was until she met famous composer Armando Manzanero when she recorded her first great hit "Eddie, Eddie" which did really well. The on her second album she had the hit "Paso a pasito" (Step by step) which made Manzanero an important composer.

In 1963 she recorded her 3rd LP becoming a really important singer; however she didn't give up her career as an actress.

By the 70's she became a popular soap opera actress, starring many of them and also singing the main theme.

She married Raúl Vale and then gave birth to her daughter Angélica Vale in 1975, who is a very famous comedian and actress too.