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Chris Martin


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  •  guest says:
    pop out
     Wilburthepig says:
    Like 025-11-2011 04:09
    supah sweet song,
     lizinator says:
    Like 021-02-2010 21:40
    this song is just GREAT. the piano & chris martin were genius additions to kanye's rapping
     izzzie says:
    Like 023-06-2009 12:07
    this one sounds much more touching...sadly it isn't very popular
     danasty says:
    Like 008-07-2008 22:11
    wow... those lyrics are amazing

    and the piano is the s**t...
     Mrazmerized says:
    Like 026-05-2008 14:40
     manark says:
    Like 018-05-2008 12:39
     candichik531 says:
    Like 014-05-2008 00:00
    amazing song
    go chi town!
     flojo3547 says:
    Like 017-04-2008 01:13
    ok kanye west is freakin amazing and btw it's chris martin from cold play. i love how he mixes good music with rap and makes em one song it's awesome. it's sweet how he has like realy singers do the chorus too
     Petroviic says:
    Like 009-04-2008 17:35
    Chris Martin makes this song even better!
     Fndr says:
    Like 019-11-2007 17:45
    One of the greatest song of Graduation. Simply fantastic.
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