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New video, Sans Raison Aucune
Daniel Chenevez | 19-04-2014 14:29 | 0 reactions
Daniel Chenevez Daniel Chenevez is back with a 6-track EP & the first single is "Sans Raison Aucune". Discover the former Niagara member's video ! Whereas Niagara's career ended more than 20 years ago, the male half hasn't said his last word yet. Daniel Chenevez is solo, or with 2 young women who accepted to shoot his new video. The singer is back with the pop-electro "Sans Raison Aucune", a mix of different influences... read more »
Green Day Stream Unreleased Demo "State Of Shock"
Green Day | 19-04-2014 03:37 | 0 reactions
Green Day There are tons of great releases that will be hitting local record store shelves this coming Saturday, April 19. That day is the date for this year's Record Store Day, and thousands of people across the country are drafting lengthy lists of their "must have" choices this year. One group that will be releasing some new music is the one and only Green Day. They have announced that they have an 18-track... read more »
Prince Promises New Album Soon
Prince | 19-04-2014 01:57 | 0 reactions
Prince More than two decades after Prince wrote "slave" on his face to protest his contract with Warner Bros. Records, the artist has come to an agreement with the company. Under the new partnership, Warners will release previously unheard material and a digitally remastered, deluxe 30th anniversary edition of his 1984 soundtrack to Purple Rain with more projects in the works. The agreement is also advantageous... read more »
Interview With David Phelps
David Phelps | 17-04-2014 23:49 | 0 reactions
Q: When will you be releasing a new solo project? A: I plan to start working on a new one this year. I've been writing for a while and hope to find the right songs for the project. Q: Do you pray before each concert, and if so what do you pray for? A: Yes! We always pray that God will be glorified and that we will remain mindful of those in attendance that need to hear some hope. Q: Why have you... read more »
Adam Duritz - 'Mr. Jones' Interview
Counting Crows | 16-04-2014 01:58 | 0 reactions
Counting Crows In a new column on, titled Single Again, Dan Weiss discusses chart hits past and present; delving into their stories in an attempt to uncover what they really mean. On April 3rd, 2014, he interviewed Adam Duritz of Counting Crows about their hit song 'Mr. Jones'. It turns out the song is inspired by Marty Jones, the bass player of Duritz's previous bands, and one drunken night spent with... read more »
Robyn & Röyksopp Announce 'Do It Again' Mini-Album
Robyn | 15-04-2014 09:39 | 0 reactions
Robyn Robyn and Röyksopp are heading out on tour together starting in June, and as they promised back in December, they've been working on new material leading up to the shows. Yesterday, the Scandinavian acts announced they've teamed up for Do It Again, a five-track mini-album set for a May 26 release. "I've been going back and forth to Bergen to record and write with the Röyksopp boys up until recently... read more »
Jennifer Hudson And Timbaland's "Walk It Out"
Jennifer Hudson | 15-04-2014 08:43 | 0 reactions
Jennifer Hudson For her follow-up to 2011 sophomore LP I Remember Me , Jennifer Hudson is said to be working with Pharrell Williams (of course), R. Kelly (projectile vomit into a bucket of piss) and Timbaland (nice one). The first hint at what's to come is the new Timbo callab "Walk It Out," which clocks in at nearly five minutes long. (If you're at all familiar with Justin Timberlake's re read more »
Lily Allen Dedicates 'Sheezus' To Amy Winehouse
Lily Allen | 15-04-2014 08:16 | 0 reactions
Lily Allen Lily Allen will dedicate her third LP Sheezus (out May 5) to Amy Winehouse. While Allen considered the late singer to be an acquaintance, she also found herself relating to the increased media attention that surrounded Winehouse. "She was not in a great place when we knew each other, so I don't feel I knew Amy," Allen said to The Telegraph. "I knew a version of Amy." Allen and Winehouse both released... read more »
New video, Enfant D'Ailleurs
Sophie-Tith | 14-04-2014 22:12 | 0 reactions
Sophie-Tith The video for "Enfant D'Ailleurs" reconciles Sophie-Tith with her audience. Nouvelle Star ninth season winner reveals a surprising video, before her second album, released on April 28. Sophie-Tith changes everything... Almost ! Just like Alizée, who came back last month with her single "Blonde", Sophie-Tith appears as a peroxide blonde in the video for her new single. Her second album Enfant D'Ailleurs... read more »
Early Preview: Linkin Park's 'The Hunting Party'
Linkin Park | 14-04-2014 16:15 | 0 reactions
Linkin Park Linkin Park recently released their new single, 'Guilty All The Same,' giving fans a taste of the direction of their upcoming album, 'The Hunting Party,' due June 17. We were one of the lucky few who spent a morning at MSR Studios in New York City to listen to a handful of new tracks presented by none other than Linkin Park's very own Mike Shinoda. The songs aren't even mixed and mastered yet but... read more »

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