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Jenn's first solo tour postponed
Jenn Ayache | 18-09-2014 22:40 | 0 reactions
Jenn Ayache Some days before her debut album +001, Jenn Ayache announces that her first solo tour is postponed. Only the Parisian date on September 25 has been left. Bad news for Jenn Ayache's fans ! Superbus singer, whose solo career started last year, decided to postpone all the dates of her autumn tour. "Rehearsals for live look good, too good & we got some ideas. With Auguri Productions & my team, we proposed... read more »
Seremedy | 15-09-2014 18:00 | 0 reactions
Seremedy Seremedy has decided to make one last song together due to the last live performace. The Single is released as DIVERGE and can be found on both Spotify and Youtube for everyone's ears to hear. Listen and be Amazed! The song was expected to be released at September 15th, but Spotify must have been exited to release it earlier and the song leaked out two days earlier at sptember 13th. Who said that... read more »
Junon uusi albumi syntyi elämän hektisyydestä.
Juno | 15-09-2014 13:51 | 0 reactions
Juno Rap-artisti Junon uusi albumi on nimetty hänen syntympäivänsä mukaan. Idea lähti biisistä, jonka nimi oli 050187. Vaikka kyseinen biisi ei päätynyt levylle, nimi jäi. Oman syntymäpäivän mukaan nimetty albumi lupailee entistä henkilökohtaisempaa materiaalia ja Juno kertookin, ettei aihetta tarvinnut kahdesti miettiä: -Oon aina kirjoittanut biisejä päiväkirjatyylisesti ja nyt elämäntilanne oli niin... read more »
Marjorie answers Louisy Joseph
Margie Nelson | 13-09-2014 03:34 | 0 reactions
Margie Nelson Between "L'Île Des Vérités" & "Danse Avec Les Stars", rumours are spreaded about L5. Whereas Louisy Joseph seems ready to join the band again, Margie Nelson breaks her fans' hopes & comes back on the clash that split them : "Louisy is the kind of girl who crushes to exist". 7 years after their split, nobody has forgotten L5. Formed during "Popstars" first season in 2001, the girls seduced teenagers... read more »
Louisy Joseph back with L5?
Louisy Joseph | 13-09-2014 03:11 | 0 reactions
Louisy Joseph Louisy Joseph will be one of the favourites in "Danse Avec Les Stars" fifth season. Recently, 2 former L5 said that they had no feelings for her anymore. Surprise, the singer told Pure Charts that she'd be willing to join her former mates... Despite their split in 2006, rumours about L5 have been spreaded. Alexandra & Margie Nelson have accepted to appear in NRJ12's TV show "L'Île Des Vérités". Of... read more »
58 Years And Still Running
Hoppers | 11-09-2014 23:58 | 0 reactions
In 2015, the Hoppers will celebrate 58 years of their music ministry. To celebrate, the family group is having a tour. On September 6, the Hoppers posted on Facebook: "We are very excited to announce our 1st Production Tour! Israel Berry of The Berry Agency and the Hoppers are joining forces to bring a NEW tour to 58 Cities celebrating 58 Years in the Ministry. Israel Berry stated it was time to ... read more »
Shy'm's Label Answers Ysa Ferrer
Shy'm | 10-09-2014 17:12 | 0 reactions
Shy'm Some days ago, Ysa Ferrer criticised Shy'm on Twitter & accused her of having copied her universe for many years. Today (September 10), Warner Music France answered : "Bravo for this marketing strike!" Last week, this news surprised more than one. Ysa Ferrer wrote on Twitter that she accused Shy'm of having stolen her popularity. "Miss @shymofficiel, are you really lacking of inspiration & inspired... read more »
Blonde Tour Postponed
Alizée | 08-09-2014 17:38 | 0 reactions
Alizée Sad news for Alizée's fans. Less than 2 months before the beginning of her "Blonde Tour", the singer decided to postpone all the dates, according to her tour organiser. On November 23, 2013, Alizée won "Danse Avec Les Stars" fourth season. Week after week, "Moi... Lolita" singer did her best by dancing with striking ease. During this show, she met her boyfriend, dancer Grégoire Lyonnet. After her... read more »
Ysa Ferrer vs. Shy'm
Ysa Ferrer | 08-09-2014 15:22 | 0 reactions
Ysa Ferrer Shy'm will be back with her new album on November 24 & her next tour has been announced as "Paradoxale Tour". Bad news for Ysa Ferrer, who offered the "Paradoxal Show" in 2010... The singer accused Shy'm on Twitter, accusing her of "copying" her. Shy'm went back into the spotlight some days ago. 2 years after Caméléon, that included "Et Alors !" & sold more than 250,000 copies, the singer's fifth... read more »
G.R.L. Member Simone Battle Has Died at 25
Simone Battle | 06-09-2014 18:59 | 0 reactions
Simone Battle Simone Battle, 25, member of the girl band G.R.L., was found dead in Los Angeles on Friday, her record company confirms. The cause of death is still unknown. An official statement from Reign Deer Entertainment, Robin Antin, Kemosabe Records and RCA Records reads, "We are deeply saddened by the tragic news of the loss of Simone Battle of G.R.L. Simone was an exceptional young talent and human being... read more »

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