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South Park Releases Lorde Parody Song, "Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)"
Sia | 19-10-2014 02:35 | 0 reactions
Sia Recent episodes of "South Park" have been fixated with Lorde, whom they've asserted is not actually a New Zealand teen but a middle-aged man in drag. (Lorde was cool with it, though.) Now, the show has shared the full version of "Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)", the Lorde parody song that appeared on the show. It's actually sung by—gasp!—Sia. You can listen to it read more »
Matt's 2015 Tour Dates
Matt Pokora | 17-10-2014 20:00 | 0 reactions
Matt Pokora Matt Pokora revealed the dates of his next tour, that'll start in April 2015, to promote his sixth album. From June 12 to 14, he'll perform at Paris' Zénith. Tickets will be on sale from October 20. Good news for Matt Pokora's fans! Currently a judge in TF1's "Danse Avec Les Stars", every Saturday evening, the singer will go on tour soon. "Si Tu Pars" singer revealed the dates of his next tour, to... read more »
Lorentz Tour
Lorentz | 16-10-2014 18:17 | 0 reactions
Lorentz Lorentz is going on tour on several dates around Sweden in November. The dates: 8 November – Stockholm, Berns (18+) 14 November – Göteborg, Pustervik (18+) 15 November – Lund, Mejeriet (18+) 21 November – Uppsala, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (All ages) The tickets can be bought at but Stockholm, Berns is already sold out. Turn up and let's make that happen. read more »
Pop Group, Young Paperboyz Collaborate With German Nigerian HipHop Producer
Young Paperboyz | 12-10-2014 00:19 | 0 reactions
Young Paperboyz Fresh off the Young Paperboyz group, who are reportedly working on their upcoming mixtape "Life of the boys" recently on instagram revealed that the project will feature German Nigerian hiphop producer Sutflute with the caption With sutflute in da studio cooking trigger... New Song Trigger featuring him drop on Monday.... Watch out This is not the first time they have collaborated on a song. It... read more »
No Third Album This Year
Adele | 10-10-2014 20:38 | 0 reactions
Adele Adele is more & more awaited... After the incredible success of her second album 21, the singer should have been back this year with her third album, with the working title 25... But her label XL Recordings denied the news : "no new album in 2014"! Rumors about Adele's musical come-back are going on. More than 3 years & half after her album 21, the world is waiting for her new songs. Will she get... read more »
New Album: "Tell 'Em I'm Gone" On October 27th 2014
Cat Stevens | 10-10-2014 00:42 | 0 reactions
Cat Stevens It is Yusuf's third mainstream release since his return to music and his first one since 2009's acclaimed Roadsinger. On 15 September 2014, Yusuf / Cat Stevens announced the forthcoming release on 27 October 2014 of his new studio album Tell 'Em I'm Gone and two upcoming tours: a November 2014 (9-date) Europe tour and a December 2014 (6-date) North America tour, the latter being his first one since... read more »
Worms Of Vomit will headline Ressurrection Fest, Mumbai
Worms Of Vomit | 09-10-2014 18:40 | 0 reactions
Worms Of Vomit will be headed towards Mumbai headlining Ressurrection Festival, Mumbai on 3rd March 2015. Its an upcoming update from a Slamming / Technical / Brutal Death Metal / Deathgrind band from Udalguri, Assam India. Worms Of Vomit had never been in any live shows. Hope that festival will be their first and wish they will perform well. For more update read more »
Yelpy launches debut single "Feel it"
Yelpy | 09-10-2014 09:39 | 0 reactions
Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, singer-songwriter Yelpy has set his sites on the bright lights of LA. With his unique style of somber lows and raspy highs he is soon set to release his debut single "Feel It". Working with accomplished Los Angeles / Nashville producer and songwriter Jonathan Smith (, Yelpy feels he has found his true sound, saying "I've found my musical ... read more »
Kelly expecting her first child
Kelly Rowland | 08-10-2014 17:26 | 0 reactions
Kelly Rowland This month, Kelly Rowland will give birth to her first child. The radious singer showed her baby bump in the American issue of the magazine "Elle". "The body must be celebrated." That's Kelly Rowland's state of mind, she appears naked in the American issue of "Elle". Just like her former bandmate Beyoncé before her, the singer is expecting her first child. "Kisses Down Low" sin read more »
Crystal Castles, it's over!
Crystal Castles | 08-10-2014 15:35 | 0 reactions
Crystal Castles Sad news on this rainy Wednesday (October 8) : Crystal Castles split. Singer Alice Glass announces her departure from the electro-punk band, for "professional reasons". "I am leaving Crystal Castles." With these words, Alice Glass ends the suspense. For many months, fans were wondering what happened to the duet, who hasn't released any album since (III) in November 2012. If some said that they were... read more »

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