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    Genre:Ethnic/Folk, Indie, Alternative
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    Babyshambles are a British band formed by Peter Doherty as a side-project to (and later full time after departing) The Libertines.

    The band's first single, Babyshambles, was released in April 2004 on High Society Records. Fewer than 1,000 copies of the CD and 7" were released and both can now be found changing hands for more than £50 on internet auction sites such as eBay.

    The band underwent several changes of line-up before finally stabilising during Summer 2004 with Doherty on vocals, Patrick Walden on guitar, Gemma Clarke (who has now left the band to re-join The Suffrajets) on drums and Drew Mcconnell on bass.

    During September and October 2004 Babyshambles embarked on a UK tour culminating in two sold-out shows at the London Scala. Despite claims that the band were only touring to raise money to support Doherty's drug habit the tour sold-out and received critical acclaim. The band's second single "Killamangiro" was released November 29 2004 on Rough Trade Records and reached number 8 in the UK charts. The band embarked on another tour in December amid increasing concern about Doherty's drug use. During a gig in Blackpool the band walked off stage as it became clear Doherty was too intoxicated to perform and a riot broke out at the London Astoria when Doherty failed to turn up for a gig.

    In January 2005, Gemma Clarke quit the band, citing disagreements with the management who she considered irresponsible for failing to address Doherty's obvious drug problem. She was replaced with Adam Ficek, Patrick Walden's former bandmate in The White Sport. In February 2005 Doherty, along with fellow musician Alan Wass, was arrested on suspicion of assault and blackmail. It was alleged that Doherty assaulted Max Carlish, a documentary maker, in a London hotel, a charge he strenuously denied. Carlish had made a documentary about Doherty, from which clips were used for the channel 4 documentary 'Stalking Pete Doherty'. After allegedly assaulting Carlish, Doherty spent several nights in prison until £150,000 bail could be raised. After being released on bail Doherty spent several weeks in a recording studio in Wales working on Babyshambles' debut album. All charges against him were dropped in April 2005.

    On October 1, 2005, the Babyshambles tour bus was raided by police. Pete Doherty was charged on suspicion of possession of class A drugs and bailed until December, although Pete Doherty claims that the substances were related to his Naltrexone implant.

    Work on Babyshambles' debut album continued throughout April and May 2005 with Mick Jones, who worked with Doherty on the producing of The Libertines' albums. The album, "Down in Albion" was released on 14th November, having been leaked onto the internet on 19th October. It came 10th in the Radio 1 Album Charts. The single 'Albion' was released on the 28th November and came 8th in the Radio 1 Single Charts. Another single "Fuck Forever" was released on August 15th, reaching #4 on the UK Singles Chart.

    Peter Doherty appeared on Newsnight at the end of 2005, and played a few secret and personal gigs to fans at the end of the year. At the start of 2006 the band announced that they would play 3 small club shows in London, Sheffield and Stoke. To fans' surprise, Babyshambles performed at the first of the London dates without guitarist Patrick Walden. Instead of Walden, Doherty played guitar at the London date. The band have since made an announcement that Walden quit the band to pursue other projects.

    December 2006 saw the release of a new EP, featuring 'The Blinding', the July single 'Beg, Steal & Borrow' and new single 'I Love You (But You're Green)'.

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    •  guest says:
      pop out
       AamandaF says:
      Like 027-05-2012 22:43
      @ Albion song
      Aw Pete, why so amazing?
       johndavid says:
      Like 025-01-2009 16:57
      @ You Talk song
      muy buena rola, le verdad con esta cancion los conoci e inmediatamente pense que es una muy buena banda.
      Like 013-09-2007 19:34
      @ Albion song
      Woo for Oldham!
      Brilliant song from a Brilliant man and his amazing army of Shambles =D
       purple_hippo says:
      Like 015-08-2007 22:25
      This song is so underrated.
       emoranger says:
      Like 007-03-2007 19:20
      i thought it was Kate Moss that sang on this? Maybe not
       emoranger says:
      Like 007-03-2007 19:20
      i thought it was Kate Moss that sang on this? Maybe not
      Like 004-03-2007 17:29
      great song
      Like 004-03-2007 17:25
      Like 004-03-2007 17:24
      i love this song, babyshambles 3
       mousie13 says:
      Like 023-02-2007 14:13
      i love this band and i also find, that pete doherty and kate moss should marry, and, of course he should stop with the drugs...^^ but i think......... they'll marry
      or have they just married????
      babyhables forever
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