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Bob And Tom
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Bob And Tom

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5The Rude Song lyrics-
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9The Revenge Song lyrics-
10Orange Barrels lyrics-

Bob And Tom albumsMost popular Bob And Tom albums (see all 0 albums)

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24-05-2011 13:43 Whome
1 posts
Song comment
@ Yeah Toast

The listed artist is not Bob and Tom. This song was actually written by Heywood Banks and the version of the song most people know from hearing it was performed on the Bob & Tom radio show out of the NAPA Autoparts Studio in Chicago, IL.
11-01-2011 03:59 bluheelr28
1 posts
Song comment
@ Toast Song

From Cornwall Ontario - I listen to Bob and Tom in the morning every day - I need Bob and Tom like I need my morning coffee and cigarette and TOAST! ROFLMFAO can't get enough
16-10-2006 12:37 hurtful
23 posts
Song comment
@ Yeah Toast

Bob and Tom are so friggin Pimp!!! WOOOOOOOOO!! GO BOB AND FRIGGIN TOM!!! sorry . I have bad-language-itis. I put bad words in the middle of compound words.
15-05-2006 18:48 sellittome
382 posts
Song comment
@ Camel Toe

This is one of the funniest songs I have heard. So rude and funny.
21-07-2005 05:01 lil_yankee_gurl
17 posts
Song comment
@ Yeah Toast

This song rocks to all those who have never heard this song it is the best ever[b
08-01-2005 01:57 dreese9859
1 posts
Song comment
@ Enormous Penis

one of the best songs ever in the humor genre! >
22-12-2004 10:29 DementedLaLa
4 posts
Song comment
@ The Man Song

I lost a guy over this song. But he was a pig anyway! This song kicks ass! >
20-12-2004 18:32 Rebel_Flower
1 posts
Song comment
@ Toast Song

this song is so awesome! i know bob and tom are chicago ppl, but my radio station plays them all the tme in detroit. i these guys. and the song they rock out loud! yay 4 them
02-12-2004 15:19 Majes
7 posts
Song comment
@ Toast Song

I THIS SONG! IT IS SO HILARIOUS! Even though it does not really have instruments, the point of the song is very obvious!
06-11-2004 02:24 Dawnless
204 posts
Song comment
@ You Can Be Mean To Me

hey I don't knwo how I put that frowny face there...woopsies