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Claws [1977] movieClement Marfo & The Frontline
Los ClaxonsClement Peerens
Clay & ScottClement SkyGazer
Clay AikenClement Tervalone
Clay BartlettClementine
Clay Boland Jr.Clench and Blistah
Clay CanfieldClenched Fist
Clay CookClent Bowers
Clay CottonCleo
Clay CountyCleo Brown
Clay CrosbyCléo de 5 à 7 [1961] movie
Clay CrosseCleo Higgins
Clay DCleo Laine
Clay DavidsonCleo Sol
Clay GreenbergCleopatra
Clay HarperCleopatra 2525 [2000] movie
Clay HowardCleopatra Stratan
Clay HustonCleopatra Zyc
Clay JenkinsClepsydra
Clay MooreCleptomaniacs
Clay MortensenClerks [2000] movie
Clay PeopleClerks Ii [2006] movie
Clay Pigeons [1998] movieClete Francis
Clay PotterCletus
Clay RatliffCletus Black
Clay S. JenkinsonCletus Kennelly
Clay TysonCletus Maggard
Clay WalkerCleve Davis
ClayberCleve Douglas
ClaydeeCleveland Fats
Claydee & RubyCleveland Musicians
ClayhillCleveland Watkiss
Les ClaypoolClever Jeff
Clayton BellamyClevergirl
Clayton Bellamy BandCleverMC
Clayton BrothersCLG National Mass Youth Choirs
Clayton Bruce OstCliché
Clayton DenwoodCliché [2003] movie
Clayton E. LongacreClick
Clayton EnglarClick [2006] movie
The Clayton Johnston ExpeditionClick & Clack
Clayton LoveThe Click Five
Clayton MerryLe Click
Clayton William The Click
Clayton WrightThe Click's D-Shot Presents Boss Players
Clayton-Hamilton Jazz OrchestraClickhaze
Clazziquai ProjectThe Client List [2010] movie
Clazziqui ProjectThe Client List [2012] tv show
CLC Youth ChoirThe Client [1994] movie
CleaCliente [2008] movie
Clea BradfordClientele
Clean and Sober [1988] movieCliff "ukelele Ike" Edwards
Clean BanditCliff Adams
Clean PeteCliff Art
Clean Slate [1994] movieCliff Ayers
Clean VersionCliff Barry
Clean, Shaven [1994] movieCliff Bemis
CleanerCliff Bennett
CleanersCliff Bruner
Cleaners from VenusCliff Bruner & Texas Wanderers
ClearCliff Carlisle
Clear and Present Danger [1994] movieCliff Cliff
Clear Blue SkyCliff De Young
Clear Blurr, ACliff Deyoung
Clear ConscienceCliff Eberhardt
Clear ConvictionsCliff Edwards
Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon [2006] movieCliff Eidelman
Clear GroundCliff Habian
Clear IsabelCliff Hollenbeck
Clear LightCliff Jackson
Clear StaticCliff Jarvis
Clear TigersCliff Korman and the Brazilian Tinge
Clear TouchCliff Magness
Clear VoyanceCliff Martinez
Clear VuCliff Nickens
Clearance CarterCliff Richard
ClearlakeCliff Sarde
ClearportCliff Waldron
Clearwater ConnectionCliffhanger [1993] movie
CleavageThe Cliffhanger [2003] movie
Cleavant DerricksCliffie Stone
Cleavon LittleClifford [1994] movie
Cledus T. JuddClifford Adams
The Clee-ShaysClifford Brown
CleenClifford Brown & Max Roach
The Clef TruantsClifford Carter
The CleftonesClifford Curry
Cleidh And CarlyClifford David
Clem RaymondClifford Gibson
Clem SnideClifford Gilberto
ClemaricClifford Grey
ClémenceClifford Hayes
Clemence LhommeClifford Jordan
ClemencyClifford Jordan & His Magic Triangle
ClemensClifford Nevernew
Clement "Coxsone" DoddClifford Scott
Clement IrieClifford Ward

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