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Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch Lyrics

Song details
TitleCrazy Bitch
Album15 [2006], Track 7
Fifteen [2006], Track 7
Live & Loud 2009 [2009], Track 14
Rank4,717 (−2,305) history »
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Song lyrics

Break me down
You got a lovely face
We're going to your place
And now you got to freak me out
Scream so loud
Getting fucking laid
You want me to stay
But I got to make my way

You're crazy bitch
But you fuck so good I'm on top of it
When I dream
I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back to keep me right on

(Repeat Chorus)

Take it all
The paper is your game
You jump in bed with fame
Another one night payed in full
You're so fine
It won't be a loss
Cashing in the rocks
Just to get you face to face

(Chorus x2)

Get the video
Fuck you so good
Get the video
Fuck you so good

Crazy bitch
Crazy bitch
Crazy... bitch


You're crazy bitch
But you fuck so good I'm on top of it
When I dream
I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back
Come on!

Baby girl
You want it all
To be a star you'll have to go down
Take it off
No need to talk
You're crazy but I like the way you fuck me!

(Chorus x2)

You keep me right on
You're crazy but I like the way you fuck me!
submitted by Crazy Bitch on February 24th, 2006
corrected by Lazrek on November 24th, 2011
written by Gruber/nelson
copyright with Lyrics © Sony/atv Music Publishing Llc

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0 likes - like | 29-07-2014 21:18 Northernlass 
37 posts
My fav buckcherry song, any crazy bitches out there who don't like it need to get a life and a sense of humour great party song and awesome played really loud ... COME ON FOLKS!! GET A LIFE.
0 likes - like | 29-07-2014 21:07 Northernlass 
37 posts
ANY CRAZY BITCHES OUT THERE NEED TO GET A LIFE!!! Great party song but you need a have a sense of humour to listen to it!! Don't see a problem with the lyrics, it's a song :-) if you don't like it don't listen........ I LOVE IT, ALONG WITH ALL OTHER BUCKCHERRY SONGS
0 likes - like | 18-08-2010 12:40 Tsukime 
14 posts
Love this song even though it's pretty old now... FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! I don't get why people would be upset about the lyrics, I think it's real catchy
0 likes - like | 10-10-2009 00:20 captainbeyond 
11 posts
Wow, used this site for awhile but never read any reviews... what is everybody so upset about? Its just music although I can understand that some might be offended by the lyrics albeit many have expressed understanding of the meaning, that which is usually drawn from experience, not read in a book. If it is offensive let's at least remember that the person singing about the topic is not elevating themselves above the melee, they are participating in it. Perhaps with the understanding, one might conceive that there are even further "levels" if you will, of behavior, it might have helped if a person was ever in a rock band, now, or in the past, this type of experience is abundant and plentiful, not unusual by any circumstances. But speaking of the past, and bands of certain genres, appears to be at the heart of the matter for some. Could be a lack of personal experience or a desire to have participated in the past but didn't, missed opportunity's shall we say. Not to worry, the behavior was no more appropriate then than now, but maybe we can all accept to not let the genre become extinct. I love it like all parts of the evolution of rock, and as a matter of fact may soon start another original band along the same lines in my area, the public demand is here, guilty pleasures not withstanding, but the supply is almost non-existent... and in this economy Lol.. well, you know. Peace all
0 likes - like | 25-10-2008 20:01 camilovesindie 
14 posts
I, hate this song. Conflicted because it makes me laugh. And then I feel like a horrible terrible bad awful person and a disgrace to women everywhere because I laughed.

The rhythm is amazing. And it kind of makes you want to dance, but the words make you feel like such a dirty whore... Well, it makes me feel like a dirty whore, anyway. Obviously some people don't get that vibe from it, because there are more positive reviews for this song than there are negative. Maybe I just need a sense of humor, but I agree with idiobox in the sense that this song just feels like trash...

And his voice is gorgeous in "Sorry." I really love it.
0 likes - like | 21-10-2008 22:48 pez42014 
4 posts
awesome song
0 likes - like | 17-03-2008 21:31 OrangeIris 
325 posts
This song is just bad. Trash!
0 likes - like | 14-03-2008 14:54 Pineapplechic 
101 posts
I love this song... hehe! Great for dance parties and such.
0 likes - like | 19-04-2007 18:30 TBSx54 
97 posts
haha i love this song! they wrote it about Paris Hilton.. haha but it's a great song.
0 likes - like | 13-03-2007 23:22 SystemOfADown 
34 posts
such an overrated song

it's pretty crappy
0 likes - like | 17-12-2006 11:26 Four1Fool 
21 posts
This song has an intersting gurn. I think the simplistic, yet somehow viewed vulgar, or dirty lyrics, paint a clear mental image when you hear them. A very catchy pop-rock riff with uplifting vocals.

As for the band, coming from the 80s and releasing a chart climbing song is impressive. I would say some of the other commenters haven't listened to enough buckcherry or seen a live performance.

I find this song thoroughly entertaining, but don't like to endure listening to the edited radio version. Definitely reminds me of the best sex I've ever had. How nostalgic... or not.
0 likes - like | 06-12-2006 23:20 musicman213 
6 posts
this is an awsome song!!
0 likes - like | 08-10-2006 06:11 Gotchili1 
7 posts
THiS SONY FUCKiNG ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i FUCKiNG LOVE iT!!!
0 likes - like | 29-09-2006 03:05 1sarah7 
8 posts
shut up, shut up, shut up......stop this song all ready, it's sooooo ooooolllllddd
0 likes - like | 23-09-2006 05:58 piven 
2 posts
Bad ass song i love it
0 likes - like | 09-09-2006 03:26 oxZer0xo 
11 posts
This song was good when it first came out, but now it is over-rated and gets WAY to much radio time. Overall it is a mediocre song, nothing amazing.
0 likes - like | 13-08-2006 21:22 hardings77 
55 posts
Ok, for all the haters out there... You call this song trashy and written by those who are in desperate need of getting laid. Well, you are retards. Yes, the song is profane, rated "R", and not for those "soft rockers" of the world, but it is certainly not trashy or meant to be trashy. This song is meant to be funny, which it is, and also meant to be a stab at Paris Hilton. If you don't like it, that's your deal, but I'd hope that you'd have more of an appreciation of rock than to essentially display your own inability to get laid by publicly bad mouthing a "panty dropping" rock song such as this. I like "Fake Plastic Trees", but I understand rock, and I know it won't get me laid. This song's all about the party brother!!! Lighten the fuck up!
0 likes - like | 12-08-2006 14:42 CaRo2588 
7 posts
I looooooooooooooove this song!
Take it off no need to talk!
0 likes - like | 31-07-2006 23:13 drivelikesteve 
56 posts
0 likes - like | 31-07-2006 20:34 neevgirl580 
2 posts
haha yeah I think that's what it is...they must need a good fuck because oh wait I thought that the point of music was to entertain people...and hmm this song is pretty fucking if it doesn't entertain you idiot box than don't listen to it and keep wearing your jacket that says I fuck trees...and keep calling me judgmental, because I drive a pickup and am a hick???? ohhhh wait no. you made that up to make yourself feel better because it's impossible that an intelligent middle class person could ever be entertained by this song. I never judged you but obviously you know exactly who I am and what I am all about. As for radiohead having grammys...good for them. They have nothing to do with Buckcherry at all whatsoever. The only thing I see that they have in common is that they both entertain people. The only reason I said anything on here in the first place is because I hate people like you who think they know everything about music and the world. The point of this is to express your opinion, not to go around and piss people off just because you don't like the look or sound of Josh Todd. Sooo um fuck off and die alright?

maybe you are the one who is a crazy bitch
0 likes - like | 29-07-2006 10:10 krissybaby613 
4 posts
i think idiobox and whatsername are in need of a good fuck. cus this song is pretty fucking amazing if you ask me.

and his voice...makes the song even better i gotta say, it's so hot
0 likes - like | 25-07-2006 18:51 merritonchick10 
1 posts
this song isnt good at all, the lyrics are horrible.. it just sounds like he hasnt goten anything in a long time.. or maybe its just cause hes been with hookers or something like that.. i like the music and all but the lyrics suck.. there discusting. he needs to get a life..
0 likes - like | 22-07-2006 04:17 crazylilmichick 
1 posts
I just finally heard this song. My friend from Alaska let me listen to it and I am totally hooked. It is very catchy and it keeps getting stuck in my head. Love it.....
0 likes - like | 22-07-2006 03:20 Whatsername 
26 posts
I agree with you 100%, idiobox. Whenever I hear this song on the radio, I feel dirty just having heard this guys voice. You are totally entitled to your own opinion, and I happen to have the same one.
And have you seen the video? um, yeah it=the epitome of trash.
0 likes - like | 21-07-2006 20:08 drivelikesteve 
56 posts