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Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
Alternative, Rock, Ethnic/Folk, Pop
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Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Lyrics

Song details
TitleSitting, Waiting, Wishing
ArtistJack Johnson
AlbumEn Concert [2009], Track 11
In Between Dreams [2005], Track 6
GenreEthnic/Folk, Rock
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Song lyrics
Well I was sitting, waiting, wishing
You believed in superstitions
Then maybe you'd see the signs

The Lord knows that this world is cruel
I ain't the Lord, no I'm just a fool
Learning lovin' somebody don't make them love you

Must I always be waiting, waiting on you
Must I always be playing, playing your fool

I sang your songs, I danced your dance
I gave your friends all a chance
But putting up with them
Wasn't worth never having you

Maybe you've been through this before
But it's my first time so please ignore
The next few lines cause they're directed at you

I can't always be waiting, waiting on you
I can't always be playing, playing your fool

I keep playing your part
But it's not my scene
Want this plot to twist
I've had enough mystery
Keep building it up
Then shooting me down
But I'm already down

Just wait a minute
Just sitting, waiting
Just wait a minute
Just sitting, waiting

Well, if I was in your position
I'd put down all my ammunition
I'd wonder why'd it taken me so long

But Lord knows that I'm not you
And if I was, I wouldn't be so cruel
Cause waitin' on love aint so easy to do

Must I always be waiting, waiting on you
Must I always be playing, playing your fool

No, I can't I always be waiting, waiting on you
I can't always be playing, playing your fool
submitted by iNgRiDzInHa on January 9th, 2005
corrected by Summer on November 18th, 2011
written by Jack Hody Johnson
copyright with Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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0 likes - like | 01-07-2005 08:06 Mupke1202 
214 posts
Wow, Jack johnson is amazing!
Was in the USA a few weeks ago and we listened to his album all the time in the van (it was a TrekAmerica trip --> organized, so cool!) and so i bought the album over there, thinking I would bring something new back to Holland... Well, seems like Sitting, waiting, wishing is doing ok here already... But that's a good thing, hope he will be very successfull here so we can go to a concert....
Love him!
0 likes - like | 29-06-2005 06:54 HiLaRy_rOx 
2 posts
This song is awesome!!!
I love it!!
0 likes - like | 28-06-2005 16:20 10tje 
23 posts
This is the first song that i've heard by Jack Johnson. I had no idea that he already had this many songs (maybe this is his first song in Holland) I really enjoy watching the video, it makes you wonder how they did it. Two thumbs up!!
0 likes - like | 25-06-2005 02:41 LiCk_AbLe 
2,981 posts
i love this song so much... i also love his album

* offtopic :

jack johnson rocks my world
0 likes - like | 20-06-2005 03:31 ilikerock 
106 posts
This song makes me want to cry. It's beautiful though.
0 likes - like | 11-06-2005 14:51 Phunkyone15 
22 posts
[lyrics=]Learning lovin' somebody don't make them love you[/lyrics]

isn't that the truth, it kinda sucks though. this song is awesome. i love jack johnson.
0 likes - like | 11-06-2005 08:53 tatzi 
27 posts
this song is great!!
especially this part:
he's sooo right!!
0 likes - like | 29-05-2005 00:34 Fusion_Heat 
24 posts
I never heard anything from this Jack Johnson guy but this is is just lovely!
0 likes - like | 27-05-2005 22:23 ngelica 
6 posts
I love this song so much. It reminds me of me and my bestriend. I sent the lyrics to her. I hope she understands them
0 likes - like | 27-05-2005 12:47 Clairebear10987 
6 posts
This song is the story of my life..I love jack johnson..he is an amazing beach rocker as i have categorized him...every time i lisiten to his cd it makes me smile
0 likes - like | 26-05-2005 19:27 maroon5luvr 
113 posts
love the song and video
reminds me a lot of john mayer but more mellower.
0 likes - like | 26-05-2005 05:45 RRKeys 
175 posts
the video is cool....

thats all!
0 likes - like | 13-05-2005 19:46 jeninafail 
5 posts
yay i love jack johnson and ALL of his songs! and he's wonderful in concert as well
0 likes - like | 10-05-2005 01:17 puresoldier 
704 posts
Strange video.
0 likes - like | 10-05-2005 01:13 xoparisxo617 
3,035 posts
I don't really know who the hell Jack Johnson is....but this song is ok. Not my favorite, but ok.
0 likes - like | 09-05-2005 23:24 magdalena_b_m 
32 posts
love this song :p i've listened to it for about 10 times now.. i think i might need a professional's help to get it outta my head
0 likes - like | 09-05-2005 16:32 qBaHaMuTp 
88 posts
Ahh, man! I was so miserable this morning but aftr this song came on, I was all W00T!

Well, if I was in your position
I'd put down all my ammunition
I'd wonder why'd it take me so long

But the Lord knows that I'm not you
And if I was, I wouldn't be so cruel
Cause waitin' on love ain't so easy to do

I LOVE THAT PART!! The lyrics r cool, but the way he sings it just finishes the whole thing off...! I wudnt say it's perfection, but it sure as hell comes close!
0 likes - like | 03-05-2005 20:55 sportee1 
12 posts
The chorus is the bst part of the song! I had never heard of this guy till i heard the song! Its the best song!!!!!!
0 likes - like | 30-04-2005 07:09 biancaissocool 
3,598 posts
yes he does! jack johnson is praised not only because of his relaxed, mellow sound, but also because he is something totally different to what is popular in music at the moment. he writes music that he wants to write and leaves it at that. for that he should be praised.

people say that alot of the songs are similar on this album, but i think its his best yet.
0 likes - like | 30-04-2005 06:28 incubusperfect 
16 posts
if you're expecting anything more than mellow, acoustic pop songs then don't wet your pants over this album - or any other JJ album. He offers more songwriting talent and a few tracks that i guaruntee will have you lappin up the salt water when you hear 'em (no JJ song comes without a picture perfect ocean scene attatched to its melodies). This album dissapoints on the originality level so we're going to have to wait another year or two to see what Jack can do with in terms of altering his sound in any way. Is six album'soundtracks of the same old acoustic dribble (harsh, but honest) enough to keep up with the new wave of ocean inspired artists like Dios Marlos? I think not. Until Jack comes up with something new he doesn't deserve all this praise
0 likes - like | 27-04-2005 23:37 kalsonberry 
20,954 posts
pretty good
0 likes - like | 27-04-2005 23:34 enjoy_incubus 
485 posts
Aww yeah! Jack Johnson concert - August 14th!
EXCITED! Last year we got there 6 hours before and we met Jack and got pictures and got front row seats (or standings..)
Jack Johnson is still the best but he's got alot more 'pop' than how he used to be... I guess you'd call it mainstream. Either way, great CD. Only song that isn't awesome is Staple it Together. Could be just me.
0 likes - like | 25-04-2005 03:38 ven0m 
46 posts
Great JJ song, has a catchy MELODY and RHYTHM!
0 likes - like | 24-04-2005 16:05 HYPNOTiSED 
9,699 posts
kind of boring, but not bad...
0 likes - like | 18-04-2005 20:53 SilverStar001 
776 posts
it's a bit too countryish but yeah it's pretty good