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My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance
Punk, Alternative, Rock
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My Chemical Romance - Cancer Lyrics

Song details
ArtistMy Chemical Romance
AlbumMay Death Never Stop You: The Greatest Hits 2001-2013 [2014], Track 9
The Black Parade [2006], Track 8
GenreAlternative, Rock
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Song lyrics
Turn away,
If you could get me a drink
Of water cause my lips are chapped and faded
Call my aunt Marie
Help her gather all my things
and bury me
in all my favorite colors,
my sisters and my brothers, still,
I will not kiss you,
cause the hardest part of this,
is leaving you.

Now turn away,
cause I'm awful just to see
cause all my hair's abandoned all my body,
Oh, my agony,
know that I will never marry,
Baby, I'm just soggy from the chemo
but counting down the days to go.

It just ain't living
And I just hope you know
That if you say (if you say)
Goodbye to day (goodbye to day)
I'd ask you to be true (cause I'd ask you to be true)
Cause the hardest part of this
Is leaving you...

Cause the hardest part of this
Is leaving you...
submitted on November 22nd, 2006
corrected by Tiler on September 19th, 2009

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0 likes - like | 21-11-2011 01:51 Ncat97 
41 posts
THEY ARE AMAZING ... and always will b
0 likes - like | 24-07-2011 20:04 Foolippa 
318 posts
omg, so sad....
0 likes - like | 02-01-2011 01:50 the_duchess97 
26 posts
sad song... but i love this song ...still, a sad song....never thought MCR would make this song.... good work...
0 likes - like | 19-12-2010 00:46 vampirewerewolf 
64 posts
i am singing this for a talent show
0 likes - like | 13-05-2010 16:11 juulan 
6 posts
I love this song!
0 likes - like | 29-04-2010 17:11 Bengter 
15 posts
0 likes - like | 10-08-2008 02:59 LittleMissEvil 
113 posts
It's actually quite a simplistic song, but they used it for the effect of emotion that it's supposed to convey, and it's so beautiful. tis' so sad but it used to convey the ideaof everything kind of coming slowly to a halt when you know you're going to die within a few days.
0 likes - like | 28-01-2008 20:58 RandmBiskit 
340 posts
loved it. i don't know anyone who has/had cancer, but it made me so sad, thinking about all the people who r in that position today...
0 likes - like | 02-12-2007 16:17 Marre 
22 posts
one word,
0 likes - like | 25-11-2007 21:01 Petroviic 
2,517 posts
I think that it's a sad song
0 likes - like | 18-11-2007 07:56 Wayness 
122 posts
This song has really deep lyrics. I mean I love MCR and most of my friends hate it cause thy're EMO.. Whaterver. Anyway, they listen to the song and ask me who sing this song. Of course I said MCR and they were shocked. cause the song was really deep. That proves that MCR is a living legend and can make powerful songs. There's a gossip that Gerard hhas cancer, and a few months back my friend said he died!! Good thing it isn't true, he is going to have a concert in Indonesia.. Can't wait to see them
0 likes - like | 19-08-2007 03:20 xmikeywayx 
66 posts
brilliant song.
absolutley amazing.
it is so sad, but very good.
My Chemical Romance is the best ever.
0 likes - like | 25-07-2007 15:45 too_bad_baby 
5 posts
MCR.. Wow.. they are really amazing, the thought they put into this song really touched me, and although it makes me sad, i love it. it does remind me of my aunty and various relatives that died from cancer.. though i heard MCR said cancer was also meant to be a metaphore for something else so i guess it could be interpritated into something else too.


0 likes - like | 21-07-2007 23:35 violetetta19 
6 posts
I just starting to get into MCR and this is definitely one of my favourite songs. It makes me cry, but it's amazing.
0 likes - like | 16-07-2007 10:02 Chemical90 
15 posts
wow... Yea what can you really say?...

One of the best songs every but still so hard to listen to... The recorded version is great but the I love the live version better, you can really hear gerard putting his feeling in to it allmost looks like he crys....

Great song. A song you have to listen to if you dont...
0 likes - like | 25-05-2007 15:39 miss_academy 
7 posts
The second I finished listening to this song, I had to repeat it. It is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard
0 likes - like | 13-05-2007 09:33 Osianne 
6 posts
This is my favourite song right now . Even if I cry when I hear it... That's probably the best thing about this song - that it makes you think.

I can't relate to cancer... But I can relate to this song because it's not just about cancer, it's also about caring for you relatives and "live your life while you can"... That's atleast how I think about this song...
0 likes - like | 27-04-2007 17:07 weehinshy 
2 posts
In an interview the band did a while ago they mentined that cancer was a metaphor for something else. I just wondered if anyone knew what? I'm not very good at picking up themes and underlying meanings..
0 likes - like | 26-04-2007 11:35 Atomvinternatt 
61 posts
One of their best songs ever^^ Love it.. But I think their older albums are greater^^
0 likes - like | 23-04-2007 22:00 FOBPATDFREAK99 
411 posts
great song. amazing live. gerard is really good live, vocal-wise. probably cuz he isnt drunk now. but this song is really amazing and i love the lyrics. i lvoe my chem so much!!!!! WOO HOO!!!
0 likes - like | 11-04-2007 19:51 sivanmek 
12 posts
its a great song its remind me alot of things
specially' my best friend death! R.I.P
im miss him alot
0 likes - like | 10-04-2007 15:18 Jessie92 
11 posts
This is a really good song, and I love it... It makes me wanna cry...
And it reminds me of my grandmother
0 likes - like | 08-04-2007 22:50 kellificus 
5 posts
i hate this song my dad died from cancer yet i luv it it says colors i luv colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty like blood it changes colors from blueish purple too red to dark red hehe!
0 likes - like | 08-04-2007 22:45 kellificus 
5 posts
this song is so sad i hate it but yet i'm in love with it reminds me of that horrible tuesday 12 december in 1st grade
0 likes - like | 07-04-2007 13:04 haylzcappa 
1 posts
this songs good but well i think its sending the wrong message
how i see the song is he has cancer and hes ganna die
well if u have/had cancer and ur ganna die that means i should have been dead 8 years ago
i like the song theres nuthin wrong wif it but just because they had cancer doesnt mean there ganna die
hello im living proof