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Dana Dawson
R&B, Pop
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12/08/2010Dana Dawson is dead
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Dana Dawson - News

Dana Dawson is dead
12-08-2010 15:28 | 0 comment(s)
Dana Dawson Singer Dana Dawson, known in the 80's & 90's for some hits in France, died on August 10 of colon cancer, she had fought for years. She was 36.

Born on August 7, 1974 in New York, the young woman started her career at 7 in the musical "Annie". Discovered by singer Jacqueline Taïeb, Dana Dawson was only 13 when she recorded her first single "Ready To Follow You" (N°15 in 1989). The single sold more than 500,000 copies in France & launched the American singer's career, followed by "Romantic World" (N°4 in 1991) & "Tell Me Bonita" (N°4 in 1991). A fan of the young singer's, Michael Jackson congratulated her.

Watch the video for "Ready To Follow You" (1989) here.

Her first album Paris, New York And Me came out in 1991, including 2 other singles, "Open Hearts" (N°24 in 1991) & "Moving On". 4 years later, she released Black Butterfly, her second album, including "3 Is Family". The album came out but success was confidential, despite the singles "Got To Give Me Love" & "How I Wanna Be Loved". In 2001, the singer signed to Universal & released her single "Nice Life", before playing in the Broadway stage with "Rent".

Watch the video for "Romantic World" (1991) here.

Fighting colon cancer for years, Dana Dawson died on August 10, at 36 years old.

Watch Dana's interview in "Récréadultes" on Direct 8 (2007) here.
Watch the video for "Tell Me Bonita" (1991) here.