Dance Gavin Dance
Dance Gavin Dance
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Dance Gavin Dance - Biography

last update : 10-06-2009 00:45
Dance Gavin Dance was formed out of the dissolution of several other bands, including Farewell Unknown, Ghost Runner on Third and Atherton. Jonny Craig and Sean O'Sullivan joined in 2005 and early 2006 to complete the lineup. They released their first self-produced EP on November 14, 2006, entitled Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean through Rise Records.

They entered the studio again in January 2007 with Kris Crummet, who produced Drop Dead, Gorgeous and Fear Before the March of Flames, and released their first full length CD, Downtown Battle Mountain on May 15, 2007 on Rise Records. In August 2007 guitarist Sean O'Sullivan quit the band due to personal conflicts between himself and the band, as well as a change of direction in music. He went on to play for the band Consider the Thief. Sean was replaced by Zac Garren, who prior to joining the band, was a Rise Records merchandise distributor; selling merchandise for Dance Gavin Dance as well. In November 2007 singer Jonny Craig quit the band due to extreme tensions as stated by the band in an interview by Kurt Travis, formerly of Five Minute Ride and O! The Joy became the band's new lead vocalist.

On April 20, 2008, Dance Gavin Dance entered the studio to record their self-titled album, which was released on August 19, 2008. The album was's "Smartpick of the Month" of August 2008, and the website offered a stream of the entire album from August 17 to August 20. Two original members, Jon Mess and Eric Lodge, have also recently left Dance Gavin Dance. Jon Mess left the band abruptly after recording the self-titled album; knowing full well he was going to quit once finished. Eric Lodge, whom also recorded on the self-titled album, quit the band sometime soon after Jon Mess left. There have been no formal announcements from the band citing why this has occurred. Will Swan is has taken up screaming duties on tour, and Jason Ellis (formerly of Five Minute Ride) has filled in on bass.

They have since released another album "Happiness" on June 9th 2009.