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Darin - News

Darin - Lovekiller Review
03-03-2011 09:44 | 1 comment(s)
Darin Darin, who participated in this years Swedish Melodifestivalen and finished in 4th place releases his fifth studio album this week and here at Escdaily, we've managed to have a listen to it. Read what we think below.

Microphone is the the first track on the album which is also the follow up single to 'Lovekiller', Darin himself recently confirmed. This is a great album opener and instantly grabs you within the first few seconds, its an anthem! The song is very fierce and features a great mix of strings, drums, and guitars. The chorus is very repetitive which adds to the songs memorable lyrics and melody.

You're Out Of My Life is of course Darin's wonderful Melodifestivalen entry which still even months on is the only National Final song that can give me goosebumps. Personally, I think Sweden were very wrong not to choose this for Eurovision as theres no doubt this would have made the final and possibly the top 5. The lyrics, Darin's voice and the melody fits so perfectly that you find yourself joining Darin in reaching that very high end note at the end of the song.

Lovekiller is next, the title track of the album. Once again, the intro to this song is a stepping stone that builds up to an epic chorus complete with drums and a backing choir. This one has a very Michael Jackson feel to it in both the music and the lyrics but Darin manages to pull it off. Again, another perfect song from Darin.

Only You Can Save Me is a very deep love song and most certainly one of my favourite songs from the disc. Darin's amazing vocals is what makes this song so emotional although being said, the lyrics are also very sad and I'm sure many people would be able to relate to them. Like 'Lovekiller' the verses are very subtle and lead up to a stunning chorus.

Drowning is next and one of the most anticipated songs from Darin fans. What can i say, it does not disappoint. From start to finish this song ticks all of the boxes. The production on this track is fantastic – the drums, strings and violins all flow together nicely. The chorus is very addictive, this is the one that will be drilled into your head tonight and the first song you sing when you wake up tomorrow! It has to be a single.

Viva La Vida was released in October 2009 and is a cover of the Coldplay classic. It was the soundtrack for the Swedish show 'Idols' and went straight to number 1 in Sweden in its first week of release. People's opinions could be mixed on this one, especially fans of Coldplay. I however think Darin gives a different spin on the song, sounding much more mainstream and commercial. I like it!

Endless Summer is yet again another ballad that begins with a nice mix of guitar and piano. Now here comes the first bit of criticism, the song sounds very much like an album filler. Its very nice and sweet but I don't feel that it actually goes anywhere and isn't as memorable as some of the other ballads

OK (Dangerous Game) is the last uptempo song on the album and catches my attention instantly, this is a very interesting one. I'm loving the techno effect on Darin's voice at the start and reminds me a lot of some of the songs on Darin's previous album Flashback. "Be Careful with my heart" is repeated throughout the song and fits in perfectly, especially the chorus! This one ticks all the boxes once again!

Can't Stop Love is up next and was written especially for the Swedish royal wedding last month. I can't fault this one, its a really really lovely song that really captures your heart and makes you feel all warm inside. I'm beginning to think that Darin should stick with the ballads as he pulls them off so well!

I'll Be Alright is the final offering on the album which is yet again another ballad, but before you begin to criticise - this is a completely different type of slow song. I can tell just by listening for the first minute that Darin has put extra effort into this one as his emotions are really showing through his voice. Its similar to his song Homeless in the sense that the instruments used are very minimal, its just a guitar, strings and Darin's moving voice.

After hearing that on first listen I can honestly say that this is one of the finest albums I have heard in the past 12 months. This is a completely new Darin, those teenage pop days are well and truly over. From the melodies to the lyrics themselves, Darin is showing the world how far he's come which I can only applaud him for.

There's not too much negative things I can say except that a few more songs would have been nice. By the last song, Darin's got us wanting more and more.. but I guess that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

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0 likes - like | 04-03-2011 21:29 Jessemacislove 
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love this review!
And the album is amazing!