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"it's ok"
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Disturbed - Prayer Lyrics

Song details
AlbumBelieve [2002], Track 1
House Of Wax (Music From The Motion Picture) [2005]
album from the movie House Of Wax [2005], Track 5
GenreAlternative, Metal, Rock
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Song lyrics
Another dream that will never come true
Just to complement your sorrow
Another life that I've taken from you
A gift to add to your pain and suffering
Another truth you can never believe
Has crippled you completely
All the cries you're beginning to hear
Trapped in your mind, and the sound is deafening

Let me enlighten you
This is the way I pray

Living just isn't hard enough
Burn me alive inside
Living my life's not hard enough
Take everything away

Another nightmare about to come true
Will manifest tomorrow
Another love that I've taken from you
Lost in time, on the edge of suffering
Another taste of the evil I breed
Will level you completely
Bring to life everything that you fear
Live in the dark, and the world is threatening

Let me enlighten you
This is the way I pray


Return to me
Return to me
Return to me
Turn to me
Leave me no one

Turn to me
Return to me
Return to me
Turn to me
Cast aside

Return to me
Return to me
Return to me
Turn to me
Leave me no one

Turn to me
Return to me
Return to me
You've made me turn away

Living just isn't hard enough
Burn me alive inside
Living my life's not hard enough
Take everything from you

submitted by Scott Smith
corrected by Aaron on June 4th, 2009
written by Howard, James Newton
copyright with Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/chappell Music, Inc., Royalty Network

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0 likes - like | 28-03-2012 18:55 anggathereds 
727 posts
0 likes - like | 04-09-2010 08:43 Sheffster 
17 posts
The most heart-felt song of the bands' career... So far!
0 likes - like | 06-08-2008 21:53 Gryphon129 
36 posts
This song is awesome
0 likes - like | 02-03-2007 00:41 musiclover 
12 posts
My boyfriend who is currently serving in Afghanistan introduced me to this song. I am glad I watched the music video for the first time hearing the song, it made it make more sense. Not a huge Disturbed fan, but I liked this song a lot. Duder looked a little ridiculus while singing though.
0 likes - like | 03-12-2006 00:45 Splunge88 
6 posts
Awsome... just awsome. Definately my favorite Disturbed song.
0 likes - like | 05-10-2006 11:39 KooTheDancer 
28 posts
Gotta love it.

Can't not love it.
0 likes - like | 25-03-2006 06:28 someguy_00000 
5 posts
0 likes - like | 04-12-2005 17:18 emosk8rchix13 
77 posts
this song is awsome
0 likes - like | 05-10-2005 12:24 atreestump 
78 posts
yes this song is really cool but to some who haven't seen the video may not catch the whole point and how much this song is related and written for 9/11 I just caught it like just now so I feel kindda stuipid
0 likes - like | 20-08-2005 11:42 Steal 
52 posts
Not bad.. not bad at all..
0 likes - like | 14-08-2005 12:24 rebel rebel 
15 posts
I am addicted to listening to this song.I seriously am.Disturbed rule.

0 likes - like | 27-07-2005 01:58 cairowinters 
3,451 posts
I don't know the rest of the album, but this song is good. I haven't listened to it for a while, but as soon as I get home I'm going to have to put it on!
0 likes - like | 06-07-2005 06:30 hotness2000 
273 posts
this song is hell--disturbed is hell
0 likes - like | 30-04-2005 22:38 EnterMetal22 
7,375 posts
im not a big fan of the album believe but i do like this song
0 likes - like | 23-03-2005 09:37 selfdestruction 
8 posts
LOVE IT this song gets me thru hard tyms, thanks disturbed
0 likes - like | 26-02-2005 17:20 Casalino 
55 posts
This song is so beautiful, i love,it is genius, there lyrics are amazing....
0 likes - like | 01-02-2005 03:20 Apoc 
3 posts
first time i heard this song.. it was on a mikro cro cop kickboxing highlight movie.. the music was the best for the movie.. i loved this song ever since
0 likes - like | 30-01-2005 21:39 Apoc 
3 posts
0 likes - like | 30-12-2004 19:59 deer_dance9 
73 posts
0 likes - like | 25-11-2004 23:28 Saliva_rocks247 
51 posts
i love this song!! it kicks ass all the way!!!!!!!!!

i love u guyz!!!!!!!!!
all the way
0 likes - like | 19-11-2004 16:20 Lord_Serenity 
22 posts
0 likes - like | 12-11-2004 09:18 DragonSlayer150 
321 posts
Yah, in their CD video thing, he compares himself to a modern day Job (for those who know your Bible characters) and continues to ask for more hardships in his life because he knows that he will get through it and come out better in the end. Great song, video's awesome too Do agree that "The Sickness" is a better album tho.
0 likes - like | 29-10-2004 00:08 jackhole 
1 posts
love the cd believe the best song is liberate but i still like the album down with the sickness
0 likes - like | 26-10-2004 22:34 K T 
2 posts
This song is amazin, i'v onli heard a couple of Disturbed':s songs but this was the first and i really like it
0 likes - like | 12-10-2004 04:04 Klied 
4 posts
It's a really awesome fucking song, if you have QuickTime player pop the CD in your computer and watch the Music Video the singer *cant remember his name* tells you what the song is about. i dont have cd on hand but he says something like, this song is to show people you always got to believe and not give up, everyone needs something to believe in, and i must say DISTURBED KICKS ASS ALL BOW BEFORE THEM