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Djogani songsMost popular Djogani songs (see all 16 songs)
1Nema vise cile mile (ft. Mile Kitic) lyrics3,109
2Urnebes lyrics-
3Pravo lice lyrics-
4Na silu lyrics-
5Djavole lyrics-
6Kasno je lyrics-
7Ne veruj lyrics-
8Dok ja ljubim lyrics-
9Panika lyrics-
10Idemo na mars lyrics-

Djogani albumsMost popular Djogani albums (see all 11 albums)
1Novi dani [2001]-
2Ljubav moja-
3Dok ja ljubim...-
6Idemo na Mars-
7Pronadji sebe-
8Granice nema-
10Da, to je to-

Đogani (ex-Ðogani Fantastiko/Giogani Fantastico) is a Serbian folk-pop dance duo popular in ex-Yugoslavia.

The duo consists of Đorđe Đogani better known by his nickname Đole Đogani and his wife, Vesna Trivić - Đogani.
Ðole and Vesna have a son, Adriano, born 2 July 2006.

Đorđe Ðogani was born as Hamit Ðogaj (Albanian: Hamit Gjogaj, Serbian: Хамит Ђогај ) on 1 July in Mirijevo, Belgrade, Serbia, then Yugoslavia. He was raised in the town of Mirijevo (a suburb of Belgrade) together with four brothers and four sisters. Ðole has represented Yugoslavia in Athletics during his time with "Crvena Zvezda Athletic club" from '76 to '82. He lived in Zagreb for seven years. Later he changed his name to Đorđe, according to his nickname derived from his surname, "Đole". At the same time, he also changed his last name from Ðogaj to Ðogani. He is an ethnic Ashkali, an Albanian-speaking Gypsy (Roma), and he also had many problems in speaking literary Serbian correctly, as opposed to his younger brothers and sisters. Therefore, he is well known for some sentences taken from Belgrade slang, and misuse of noun cases. His 3 younger brothers also had successful careers in dance music, leading the dance-oriented bands, like Funky G, B3 and Trik FX.

Vesna Đogani was born in Voždovac, Belgrade, Serbia, then Yugoslavia

The original female of the duo was Slađana Delibašić (Slađa), who had previously been married to Đole.
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