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Dulce Maria
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Dulce Maria

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Dulce María Espinoza Saviñón

Date of Birth:
6th December 1985

Place of Birth:
Mexico City

Zodiacal Sign: Sagitarium

Favorite Hobbies: Singing, dancing, writing poetry and watching television

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Colors: Black and blue

Collects: Plush puppets

Music: She started as a singer with Kids in which the songs "La Mejor De Tus Sonrisas" and "Prende El Switch" became known.

Later she joined the Jeans group, they promoted the album "Cuarto" from which the single "Entre Azul y Buenas Noches" came up.

Movies: She participated in a short film titled "Quimera" with Sherlyn. She also participated in a film named "Inesperado Amor" in which the subject of drugs was tackled and in which she shared credits with Anahí.

Televisión: Dulce María inició su carrera siendo muy pequeña haciendo comerciales para la televisión. A la edad de 8 años participó en el programa infantil "Plaza Sésamo", poco tiempo después ingresó a "El Club de Gaby" y trabajo en "Discovery Kids".

In 2002 after leaving the Jeans groups she joined the cast of "Clase 406", soap opera in which she had her first chance of performing a leading role.

Dulce María has participated in several soap operas such as "Retrato de Familia" (1995), "Alondra" (1995), "El Vuelo Del Águila" (1996), "Huracán" (1998), "DKDA Sueños de Juventud" (1999), "Primer Amor . . . A Mil Por Hora" (2000), "Locura de Amor" (2000), "Siempre Te Amaré" (2000), "Clase 406" (2002), and "Rebelde" (2004).


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