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"Dear Marshall (Eminem's Mom)" Lyrics

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dear *marshall*,
dear *marshall*,
i just wanna start out by saying
i still love you

even when i was pregnant with you
it was very hard for me
so many times of torture was worth every minute of it
cuz wen i looked in to those big blue eyes
this was the first time i had ever felt true love
in my whole life

we have a problem marshall
the past 2 years..something really went wrong

i was so excited about your success yet so let down by your
playing the role of both mum & dad must of taken a toll on you
more then i ever imagined
*marshall* i did the best i could
i went without seeking half
it was rong of me and i see it now as giving you everything
and never questioning ne thing you eva did
as you were perfect in my eyes
my unconditional love created a spoiled young man
an angry one too
now before god and every1 i must apologise cuz at the time
i thought it was the right thing to do
im torchered daily *marshall* by people always asking me where
such an angry young man ....................
being the only role model in your life, of course they're gonna
blame me
the demeanin me needs to stop and i speak 4 lots of mothers
the words really hurt and they cut like a knife
but theres no way to mend a bleedin heart
if not 4my frenz who ave been there for me and yes
*marshall* they really truely care
i pray some day your not going to be alone and you'll ave frenz like
me.....and they wont be there just for your fame
and no more attacks on me
and vicious acts of heat cuz it really hurts
will the real marshall mathers please stand up?
and take responsibility 4his actions
and im gonna close this *marsh* by saying
its not too late for change
and always sincerely your only mother
  • submitted by ~*Eminems baybee*~
  • corrected on November 23rd, 2004

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  •  guest says:
    pop out
     AchillesAnon says:
    Like 029-10-2012 05:56
    It's alright.

     lEtHaL_sPiTz says:
    Like 011-04-2006 22:58penalty
    fuck dis wack shit. shes pathetic, stupid, and just tryin to ride Em. whoever fuckin produced dis shit is a dumb ass.
     shadysgal says:
    Like 012-02-2006 19:56
    i don't get it
    Like 009-02-2006 20:03
    shes probably brain dead or something. Did she think that Em was going to forgive her because of this so called song? She just talks alot of bullshit and if her tactics were sucking up, she really needs to work on her manners! she keeps saying how she screwed up when raising him, and how bad he turned out.. like.. what the fuck, shut up Debbie!
     ALBN says:
    Like 005-02-2006 18:02
    whoever says "oh no debbie is startin a rap career" is wrong,that isn't even a song, she is jus talkin like a bitch and eminem would be an idiot to forgive her, he is rich,what the fuck does he need her for? more nagging? i don't think so!
     SHADY15 says:
    Like 003-09-2005 17:31
    BITCH!!!She doesnt deserve Em's respect..Stupid drug addict..U dont need a Mom Em u have us the fans!@@
     lokifan says:
    Like 030-03-2005 12:21
    I've never herd it, so I can't comment on it properly...but what the hell is up with those lyrics??? And why is she trying to get her own music career - don't you dare do this Debbie! Just because he raps about his feelings, it doesn't mean you can ride your son's fame and get people's sympathy about YOUR feelings. I would have been much more sympathetic if she hadn't tried to get public support.
     JSouthy says:
    Like 027-03-2005 21:20
    This is just BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     monkey_237 says:
    Like 006-01-2005 04:57
    k i do have to say that is bullshit... shes just mad because she looks horrible in the eyes of every listener so good job em... keep it up!
     sofes says:
    Like 004-01-2005 18:47
    hus this song by?? and where can i get to listen to it
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