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Enya - 's Fagaim Mo Bhaile (And I Leave My Home) Lyrics

Song details
Title's Fagaim Mo Bhaile (And I Leave My Home)
AlbumChristmas Ep [1996], Track 3
Book Of Days [1995], Track 5
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Song lyrics
Maidin is tús an lae
Is fágaim mo bhaile
Tá mo chroíse go brón
Is fad ar shiúl m'óige

Oíche is mé liom féin
Spéartha dubh go domhain, a choích
Ag cuimhneamh ar laethanta a bhí
Gan ghá agus gan ghruaim
Eistim leis an ghaoth
Uaigneas mór, go deo, a choích

Deireadh an turas mór
Táim brónach, buartha 's briste
I mo dhiaidh nach mbeidh níos mó
Ach, tá sé i ndán dúinn, a pháistí

Is fada anois an lá
A d'fhág mé mo bhaile
Níl áthas i mo chroí
Níl ann ach an marbh

===== English Translation =====

Morning and the day's beginning
And I leave my home
My heart is breaking
My youth is long past

Night and I am alone
Endless deep black skies
Remembering days that were
Without want and without gloom
I listen to the wind
Endless great loneliness forever

The end of the long journey
I am sad, sorrowful, broken
After me there will be no more (of my kind)
But children, it is our destiny

The day is long past
When I left my home
There is no hope in my heart
There is only death
submitted by Becca

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