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Fat Joe
R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop
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Fat Joe - What's Luv? Lyrics

(feat. Ashanti)

Song details
TitleWhat's Luv?
ArtistFat Joe feat. Ashanti
AlbumJealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.) [2001], Track 9
GenreHip-Hop, Rap
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Song lyrics
[Fat Joe]
Put the fuckin' mic on
Mic is on
Joe Crack the Don uh
Yeah, yeah y'all
Irv Gotti

What's love

[Fat Joe]
Ashanti, Terror, Terror Squad
It should be about us
Be about trust

What's love (got to do, got to do with it, babe)
What's love
It's about us
It's about trust, babe
What's love (got to do, got to do with it, babe)
What's love
It should be about us
It should be about trust, babe
What's love

Yeah, yeah, uh, uh, woo, yeah, slow down baby
Let you know from the get go, I don't go down lady
I wanna chick with thick hips
That licks her lips
She can be the office type or like to strip
Girl, you get me aroused, how you look in my eye
But you talk too much man, your ruinin' my high
Don't wanna lose the feelin'
Cause the roof and ceilin'
Is on fire and you lookin'
Good for the gettin'
I'm a rider
Hooker in a hoodie or a liner, I'm a provider
You should see the jewelery on my women
And I'm livin' it up
The Squad stay feelin' the truck
With chicks that's willin' to triz with us, uh
You say you gotta man and you're in love
But what's love
Gotta do with a little menage
After the party
Me and you
Could just slide for a few
And she could come too
What's love


Yeah, uh yeah, yo mommy, I know you got issues
You gotta man
But you need to understand
That you got somethin' with you
Ass is fat, frame is little
Tatoo on your chest with his name in the middle
Uh, I'm not a hater, I just crush a lot
And the way you shake your booty, I don't want you to stop
You need to come a little closer
(You need to come a little closer)
And let me put you under my arm like a Don is
Supposed to (supposed to)
Please believe
You leave with me
We'd be freakin' all night like we was on E
You need to trust the God and jump in the car
For a little hard 8 at the Taj Mahal
What's love


[Fat Joe]
Yeah, uh, yo, I stroll in the club with my hat down
Michael Jack-style (he he)
Hot 7, who the Mack now
Not my fault cause they love the kid
Might be the chain or the whip
I don't know what it is
We just party and bullshit
Come on mommy, put your body in motion
You gotta nigga open
You came here with the heart to cheat
So you need to sing the song with me
All my ladies, come on

When I look in your eyes, there's no stoppin' me
I want the *Don Joey Crack* on top of me (uh huh) *Fat Joe Crack*
Don't want your stacks (yeah)
i got your back (uh)
Gonna cut you no slack (whoo)
Cause I'm on it like that (uh, come on)
Come on (yeah, yeah y'all)
And put it (yeah, yeah y'all)
On me (put it on ya girl)
On me (I'ma put it on ya girl)

[chorus 2x]
submitted by Jen
corrected by Ariel on January 26th, 2007
written by Lyle, Graham / Atkins, Jeffrey B. / Britten, Terry / Lorenzo, Irving Domingo / Parker, Andre S. / Cartagena, Joseph Anthony / Rios, Christopher
copyright with Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Jellybean Music Group, Sony/atv Music Publishing Llc, Warner/chappell Music, Inc.

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0 likes - like | 31-12-2007 01:00 Petroviic 
2,517 posts
Cool song.
0 likes - like | 06-05-2006 23:07 somebodyuknow 
146 posts
this song is old but still one of my favorites
0 likes - like | 06-05-2006 22:16 bangbangrawr 
54 posts
nice beat!
0 likes - like | 31-08-2005 18:40 sarah_2204 
3,596 posts
It has a good beat to it... I like Ashanti but... not a big fan of Fat Joe?
0 likes - like | 14-03-2005 19:19 santito 
772 posts
y que hace esta muñeca cantando con el gordo joe
0 likes - like | 05-02-2005 15:55 LiL_CuTiE_BaBe 
23 posts
i love dis song
0 likes - like | 22-01-2005 01:40 Lil_Hooch 
4 posts
This song is off the chain. OMG i love the song and it's lyrics it is so much fun to dance to and the music video is off the hook!
0 likes - like | 20-01-2005 20:43 RimaT 
33 posts
love it. gr8 song
0 likes - like | 19-01-2005 22:04 ludaluvr4life 
16 posts
This is the only song of Ashantis that I actually like!!!!!
0 likes - like | 11-01-2005 20:00 mawowo 
3 posts
This song would kill @ a freestyle battle. I have the J.O.S.E album and it's the bomb. Top Ting Joe
0 likes - like | 11-01-2005 18:09 SaraPortugal 
933 posts
0 likes - like | 26-11-2004 09:54 Dory_the_Fish 
484 posts
this song is soooo amazing...... and ashanti is soo pretty........go ashanti
0 likes - like | 23-07-2004 03:28 Cyd 
11,656 posts
0 likes - like | 23-07-2004 03:17 blessed_be64 
218 posts
i don' degrates women.
0 likes - like | 23-07-2004 02:59 nellys_wife91 
2,107 posts
i luv dis song its realy good even tho fat joes ugli but hey thats besides tha point its stil a kik ass song