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Fenix*Tx albumsMost popular Fenix*Tx albums (see all 7 albums)
1*Purple Reign in Blood [2005]
2*Lechuza [2001]
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4*KROQ's Kevin and Bean present: The Real Slim Santa [2000]
5*Fenix TX [1999]
6*The Duran Duran Tribute [1997]
7*G.B.O.H. [1996]

Fenix*Tx biographyFenix*Tx biography (read more)
Formed in 1995 in Houston, Texas as Riverfenix, the band featured guitarists Will Salazar and Damon DeLaPaz and a singer named Carl. Carl left and they recruited bassist Adam Lewis and drummer Donnie Reyes. Salazar took over vocal duties. After their first album, the estate of the late actor River Phoenix filed a cease and desist order against the band to stop using the name Riverfenix. The band dropped "River" from their name and appended it with the postal abbreviation for Texas. They became...

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Latest Fenix*Tx comments
22-12-2007 03:43 pinback11125
57 posts
Song comment
@ All My Fault

I love this song, I found it on dave mirra 2 bmx game
07-11-2006 03:16 crazyrunner1215
1 posts
Song comment
@ Tearjerker

Absolutely amazing song. My girlfriend broke up with me and this is exactly how I feel. It really is a shame that Fenix TX is no longer together.
10-03-2006 16:05 WetDream
16 posts
Song comment
@ All My Fault

Come on love, Don't be stupid. Theres more people than in the world wit good music taste than 10, not including you, sweetheart.
20-02-2006 01:06 JewUnit
8,189 posts
Song comment
@ A Song For Everyone

I like this song..

Very catchy.
17-01-2006 00:28 mikey_boy
20,517 posts
Song comment
@ Tearjerker

pretty awesome song.
17-01-2006 00:06 famous_burro
70 posts
Song comment
@ Speechless

this is their best song. awesome, just awesome
16-01-2006 23:57 famous_burro
70 posts
Song comment
@ Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste

love it
16-01-2006 23:55 famous_burro
70 posts
Song comment
@ Rooster Song

i got a big cock for your mouth. classic
16-01-2006 23:53 famous_burro
70 posts
Song comment
@ No Lie

nice fast song
16-01-2006 23:53 famous_burro
70 posts
Song comment
@ All My Fault

they aren't nfg rip offs. they got their own sound. and this song owns