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Ima Robot

Ima Robot songsMost popular Ima Robot songs (see all 40 songs)
1=Greenback Boogie lyrics6,686
2*Happy Annie lyrics
3*Dirty Life lyrics
4*Scream lyrics
5*Stick It to the Man lyrics
6*12=3 lyrics
7*Sine Your Life Away lyrics
8*No Control lyrics
9*Love Is A Boombox lyrics
10*Tumblin Down lyrics
Ima Robot albumsMost popular Ima Robot albums (see all 3 albums)
1=Ima Robot [2003]3,466
2*Another Man's Treasure [2010]4,759
3*Monument to the Masses [2006]5,297

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Latest Ima Robot comments
20-09-2010 20:10 melzers
1 posts
Song comment
@ Black Jettas

i loooove my black jetta(:
08-08-2007 16:45 jewfro
48 posts
Song comment
@ A Is For Action

good song
15-02-2007 03:58 StarryEyedKid
29 posts
Song comment
@ Creeps Me Out

This song is pretty awesome. =) The video is way cool... I wish they had it on the page. =C
25-01-2007 18:41 imcontentwlosin
15 posts
Song comment
@ Creeps Me Out

sweet song man! love it. ah well i creep my guy out too. haha can relate to it
20-01-2007 00:02 piddlesbs
23 posts
Song comment
@ Creeps Me Out

i can relate...far too well.
13-12-2006 04:15 DavMak
11 posts
Song comment
@ Dirty Life

great song
16-06-2006 03:18 MEGANxLOVE
11 posts
Song comment
@ A Is For Action

Yes Yes. You gotta love this song :]
20-02-2006 18:01 DuckyTheGreat
43 posts
Song comment
@ Alive

I'm pretty sure the chours is wrong..
23-01-2006 23:46 WiltedRoses
7 posts
Song comment
@ Dynomite

this song is neato.. its like.. IMA EXPLODE!! So its pretty rad...
05-01-2006 20:30 MEGASARAH___
16 posts
Song comment
@ Alive