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Isasha - Don't You Know Lyrics

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TitleDon't You Know
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Song lyrics
Don't you know your love is, so divine...
And i'm wanting you girl,
Missing you, wanting you girl....
Don't you know your love is..., one of a kind,
And i'm wanting you girl,
Missing you, wanting you girl...

Since you gone me gots no one to lean on
The picture in ah meh head is me & u holding hands
Love under the cover with some sweet slow song
On ah meh knees girlfriend, baby & hold yuh hand
Would you like to be the wife of Brandon Young
Tek your time & settle down becuz we are young
I don't like baccanal, neither confusion
Rush into these things, then things will be wrong, still...


Baby lets settle down,
Build us a family together,
I for you, you for me then
Baby under this rainy weather...,
Tell them yuh nah matter what the people say...
Tell them yuh nah matter what the people do...
So they can never stop I...
They can never stop you
Cuz we were made for each other


The picture frames on the wall...
It keeps reminding me, yeah...,
Tell them about my fair lady, yeah...,
And all the things that, dat, she's done for me, well
Tell them what Jah has put together,
Well let no man put us under...,
For Jah Jah bless us with one daughter, (its my world)
So let us live our whole lives
For ever and ever

CHORUS (3 times)

Don't you know that your love is so divine
Don't you know that....
Our love is one of a kind (2 times to fade)
submitted by Jessie on October 1st, 2006
corrected by Island Queen on June 30th, 2008

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11 posts
[i] [b] Yea Yah thiz iz mai song... Check thiz out nd see wot ya think aye lols lataz ppl