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Jeff Bates

Jeff Bates songsMost popular Jeff Bates songs (see all 44 songs)
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Jeff Bates albumsMost popular Jeff Bates albums (see all 1 albums)
1Rainbow Man [2003]-

Jeff Bates biographyJeff Bates biography (read more)
Jeff Bates was given up for adoption as a baby. He later met his birth mother, though his natural father remains a complete mystery. Mississippi sharecropper Ed Bates and his wife Barbara adopted him. Barbara, the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, raised the baby on gospel songs. Eight brothers and sisters came along, and Ed and Barbara also took in two cousins. Bates' father became a bulldozer operator in the Columbia, Miss. area. By his teens, Bates was a self-described "geek." Poor and ...

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Latest Jeff Bates comments
16-04-2006 16:29 Whiteshadow
349 posts
Song comment
@ The Love Song

WOW, just amazing. I am surprised to see that only one post was posted.. Incredible song, you who don't know it are missing out on a lot!! TRUST ME! Just give it a shot, you got noth. to lose..
07-06-2005 18:06 KajunBaseballer
5 posts
Song comment
@ Long, Slow Kisses

Definately an awesome song..

I sung it for my g/f one day over the phone when I surprise called her. She cried.. one of my favorite songs. Yall should listen to Johnny Van Zant 'help somebody' thats another good song that guy has a deep voice too.. Good job, Jeff!

18-05-2005 05:06 erin216
77 posts
Song comment
@ Long, Slow Kisses

i love this song

my on again off again type guy played it for me and i just about died, ahaha.

it was just lovely, ahaha.

and then we shared some long slow kisses, and it was nice.
23-04-2005 14:49 Westvalady_n_TN
1 posts
Song comment
@ Long, Slow Kisses

I an the moderator of Conway Twitty fan club and someone stated that a friend said that he originally recorded this song - if he did could you tell me when and what album it is on? You can email me privately at Thanks for your assistance
17-04-2005 18:54 ThIsIsYoUrTiMe
33 posts
Song comment
@ The Love Song

oh my gosh i LOVE this song. I have been looking for it for forever. oh man this song is so cute
10-04-2005 08:04 campoven
52 posts
Song comment
@ Country Enough

This is soo true! the only music I like loud is country!!!!!!!!
10-04-2005 08:00 campoven
52 posts
Song comment
@ Long, Slow Kisses

awesome song, this blokes got a good, deep voice its sexy!! one of the best voices out there I reckon
02-12-2004 21:49 fordgrl101
38 posts
Song comment
@ Long, Slow Kisses

omg this is a great song i love it
05-08-2004 03:52 lively3
1 posts
Song comment
@ The Wings of Mama's Prayers

This is the best song i have heard in a long time it tells the truth
18-07-2004 21:52 mattysmunchkin
20 posts
Song comment
@ I Wanna Make You Cry

my bf and i love each other so much i cried so hard just wanting to see him and when i did i hugged him for 20 mins he was carrying me around cause he didnt want to let go loves a beutiful thing when u reconize the true thing and when u find it dont let it slip threw ur hands