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Jenifer Bartoli - News

Star Academy - who sold albums most ?
24-10-2007 14:45 | 0 comment(s)
Jenifer Bartoli Whereas the seventh season starts tonight (October 23) on TF1, Charts In France give a recapitulation of the artists who sold most albums after the castle's end, there are numbers of album sales.

N°1 : Jenifer (Season 1)
The singer sold 1.3 million albums. 785,000 copies for her first self-titled album (including the hits "J'Attends L'Amour", "Au Soleil" & "Donne-Moi Le Temps") & 430,000 for the second, Le Passage (including "Ma Révolution", "Le Souvenir De Ce Jour", "C'Est De L'Or" & "Serre-Moi"). Don't forget 100,000 copies for her live album Jenifer Fait Son Live. Her new album Lunatique, including the single "Tourner Ma Page", is released on November 5.

N°2 : Grégory Lemarchal (Season 4)
The singer sold 1 million albums. The emotion provoked by Gregory's death boosted the sales of his first album Je Deviens Moi (including "Ecris L'Histoire", "Je Suis En Vie", "À Corps Perdu" & "Le Feu Sur Les Planches"), going to 433,000 copies. His posthumous album La Voix D'Un Ange (including summer 2007 ballad "De Temps En Temps" & the new single "Le Lien") sold 490,000 albums ! Don't forget his live album Olympia 2006 with 110,000 copies.

N°3 : Olivia Ruiz (Season 1)
Difficult to see her in the castle with Jenifer, however, they were together in the first season in 2001. The young Marseillette-born singer sold 820,000 albums. If her first album J'Aime Pas L'Amour sold 75,000 copies, she got the best album sales with La Femme Chocolat (including "J'Traîne Des Pieds", "La Femme Chocolat", "Non-Dits", "Goûtez-Moi" & "Thérapie De Groupe") with 745,000 albums ! This will reach 1 million in 2008, surely. Also, the singer received a Victoire De La Musique this year for "Female Artist" & releases her first live CD & DVD, Chocolat Show, on November 19.

N°4 : Nolwenn Leroy (Season 2)
She was the second winner of the show, after Jenifer. 700,000 albums sold : the first one (including "Cassé", "Une Femme Cachée", "Suivre Une Etoile" & "Inévitablement") sold 410,000 CDs. The second, Histoires Naturelles, co-produced by Laurent Voulzy, sold 290,000 albums thanks to the hit "Nolwenn Ohwo" in 2006. The live CD & DVD are currently available.

N°5 : Elodie Frégé (Season 3)
The blonde girl, Benjamin Biolay's protégée, seduced fans with 178,000 albums. Her first album (including her 3 singles "De L'Eau", her duet with Michal "Viens Jusqu'À Moi" & "Je Te Dis Non"), rapidly recorded after she left the castle, only sold 116,000 copies : the second, Le Jeu Des Sept Erreurs, continues on its way, getting to 62,000 copies thanks to "La Ceinture", but should get more exposed with the new single "La Fidélité" & the re-release of this album with 2 unreleased songs & remixes.

N°6 : Emma Daumas (Season 2)
Many thought she was going to win the second season but Nolwenn Leroy was the real winner. Anyway, Emma Daumas sold 166,000 albums. Thanks to the hit "Tu Seras", her first album sold 138,000 copies. Unfortunately, she didn't do the same with her second album Effets Secondaires and only 28,000 albums sold.

N°7 : Michal (Season 3)
The singer, finalist with Elodie Frégé in the third season, sold 45,000 albums. The first one, De L'Or Et Des Poussières, thanks to the single "Viens Jusqu'À Moi" (duet with Elodie Frégé), got a nice way (it also included the singles "Tu Mets De L'Or" & "Deauville"). The second album, All Alone With My Gueule, is still available.

N°8 : Magalie Vaé (Season 5)
The winner of the fifth season only sold 20,000 albums (her first one, including "Je Ne Suis Qu'Une Chanson"). It was the biggest flop for a "Star Academy" winner. Despite the help of the audience during the final, success was not in album sales. The half-success of the single "Qui A Mérité Ca" would present a better following.

Below them, with less than 20,000 copies sold, there are the albums (self-produced or not) of : Mario Barravecchia, Jean-Pascal & Jessica Marquez (first season), Georges-Alain Jones, Anne-Laure Sibon & Jérémy Chatelain (second season), Patxi, Sofia Essaïdi, Lukas Delcourt & Premix (third season), Sofiane & Harlem (fourth season) & Pascal Mono (fifth season). The album of last year's winner, Cyril Cinélu, will be released in December. To be continued...

Note : these are real numbers (France only, no download). With collaboration of Guillaume Vieira (website) and the members of our special forum for the album sales.