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K-Maro newsK-Maro news (4)
New single, Music
09-10-2009 | 0 comments
Despite the failure of his album Perfect Stranger, K-Maro will try his come-back with "Music", the second single from his fourth album, released next year : listen to a short clip ! Shy'm's current... read more »
New single, Elektric
04-07-2009 | 0 comments
Despite the failure of his album Perfect Stranger, K-Maro will try his come-back in January 2010 with his fourth album, the first single "Elektric" is aired on radios : discover the first images of the... read more »
Third album, Perfect Stranger
11-09-2008 | 0 comments
K-Maro's new album Perfect Stranger will be released in France & abroad on October 27. After "Out In The Streets", the first single from last spring, unfortunately unsuccessful, here comes the second ... read more »
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K-Maro songsMost popular K-Maro songs (see all 25 songs)
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2*Juss Shake lyrics
3*Crazy lyrics
4*Nice & Slow lyrics
5*Femme Like You lyrics
6*Les Frères Existent Encore lyrics
7*Let's Go lyrics
8*Le Clan Chill lyrics
9*Sous L'Œil De L'Ange lyrics
10*The Greatest lyrics
K-Maro albumsMost popular K-Maro albums (see all 4 albums)
1*01.10 [2010]
2*Perfect Stranger [2008]
3*Million Dollar Boy [2005]
4*La Good Life [2004]

K-Maro biographyK-Maro biography (read more)
K'Maro is a francophone rapper from Montréal, Canada. His real name is Cyril Kamar, and he was born in Lebanon in 1980, grew up in Paris, and moved to Canada in 1995. K'Maro first broke through to the Québec charts with his group LMDS (Les messageurs du son). His songs are frequently a mix of French and English lyrics, and sometimes Arabic. His first major hit worldwide was "Femme Like U" in 2004. His debut album followed in late 2004. La Good Life sold 300,000 copies worldwide. In 2005, his second...

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Latest K-Maro comments
16-01-2007 23:59 mflouty
1 posts
Song comment
@ Femme Like You

I love this song.. it's so catchy
05-11-2006 17:36 FactiOn
102 posts
Song comment
@ Crazy

good song,

especially in summer, it sets the mood you know!
03-10-2006 10:31 02triple_h
4,024 posts
Song comment
@ Million Dollar Boy

Being a K'maro fan myself...
i cud tell that this is a marvelous song by him
Its so cool how he mix english with french while rapping..
n i kinda i like that!

KEep it up Boy!
23-08-2006 13:24 hiphoponmyblood
7 posts
Song comment
@ Histoire De Luv (feat. Shy'm)

Luv this song!!!!
31-05-2006 22:34 ZzZzZzZ
2,984 posts
Song comment
@ Qu'Est-Ce Que Ça Te Fout

C'est définitivement pas mon genre, mais je dois l'avouer, j'aime bien cette chanson !
21-01-2006 14:53 02triple_h
4,024 posts
Song comment
@ Sous L'Œil De L'Ange

Love it
22-12-2005 14:03 02triple_h
4,024 posts
Song comment
@ Sous L'Œil De L'Ange

didn't know this song b4, but seriously....just download it...and it makes u like...feel ur in miami beach or sth. like that...
great song K'maro
sous l'oiel de l;ange
04-12-2005 14:37 02triple_h
4,024 posts
Song comment
@ Femme Like You

i dont know what does people think when they rate this song below 4/5
08-10-2005 17:22 SaraPortugal
933 posts
Song comment
@ Sous L'Œil De L'Ange

07-10-2005 17:10 FrenchGirl86
31 posts
Song comment
@ Femme Like You

Elle me gonfle trop cette chanson, et puis il m'énerve ce mec à se la péter !

I hate this song !