Kaizers Orchestra
Indie, Rock
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30/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Au Revoir Simone
29/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Manian
27/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Natalia
27/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Jeannette
27/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Tarja
27/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Avant
25/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Afrojack
21/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Pacifica
21/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Le Club Des Chats
18/07/2014 Maitlandplace
@ David Lasley
18/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Stereophonics
18/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Amerie
16/07/2014 Olivia_Ka
@ Rise Against
11/07/2014 TimeIsNotMuch
09/07/2014 PianoPLayer698
@ Vamps
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0 likes - like | 09-03-2012 21:01 BlackSnow 
1 posts
The bandmembers may be from Bryne, but Kaizers Orchestra the band started i Bergen.
0 likes - like | 10-09-2008 22:04 Nikkel 
1 posts
Excuse me, but Bergen? Kaizers is from Bryne, outside STAVANGER.
0 likes - like | 10-07-2006 23:46 Maycen 
22,382 posts
Oui Oui. I think they're my favourite band too. Even though there are "artists" I like more, they're the best BAND. They're just so energetic and different. And they have the best accent ever. Well of the Norwegian accents, that is. I will see them live one day!
0 likes - like | 10-07-2006 02:05 Jay_The_Viking 
22,182 posts

I haven't had a band I could officially call my "favourite" for a really long time, but it's definitely Kaizers Orchestra. Maybe cause they're weird, and I'm weird, they're crazy, I'm crazy. I haven't heard anything even remotely like them, and anything these guys touch turns to gold, especially Janove Ottesen. They're funny and talented, and write good lyrics, even if I need a translator to see it.