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Karmin - Hello Review
03-06-2012 11:44 | 0 comment(s)
Karmin So I'll be honest. I don't listen to the radio that often. When I do, it's to listen to a radio talk show featuring a crazy lady named Kim give depressed people advice. I had no idea that Karmin, the duo who have been turning heads on YouTube for years, had finally made it big until I noticed their number on album on iTunes. Yes, I bought it blindly and without hesitation. No, I don't regret it.

The lead single for the album, "Brokenhearted", was an obvious choice. The song showcases both sides the group has to offer, their fun and poppy mainstream sound as well as their quirky quickfire rap pieces. I have to say I was very impressed with how well the song has managed to do in mainstream music, proving that sometimes I do like stuff that plays on the radio (other than Ke$ha, who is still a mystery to the world). This track is definitely the ear-worm of the group, sticking around in your head for hours after you hear it.

It was the rest of the album that really blew me away. "Too Many Fish", an easily overlooked song, was pure brilliance to me. The song feels distinctly Beyonce, not a surprise given that they have done a lot of covers, but the song is anything but a copy cat. The track, giving people confidence to keep trying after a break up, shows just how strong of a singer Amy can be. I really bought into the song's positive vibe and it's good feel vibe it gives off.

They do have songs that are much more rap focused, such as "I'm Just Sayin'", which has Amy spitting so fast you might mistake her for Nicki Minaj. I'm sure this song gives hope to all those aspiring white female rappers out there that they can do what they want to do and sound great doing it, but seeing as I'm not a female, I cannot confirm that this is true. Speculation, you know?

The two weakest tracks of the bunch had to be "Walking On The Moon" and "I Told You So." To be honest, the first track is more annoying than it is weak. It starts out very strong, but it's repeated lyrics, especially at the end, do it more harm than good. The song would have been more enjoyable without the chorus and overstretched exit. "I Told You So" alone would be an acceptable song, but with the rest of the album being as strong as it is, this song feels lost in the middle. It was nice to hear Nick take the spotlight for a moment in the mostly Amy heavy songs that encase it.

Nick also takes center stage for a bit in "Coming Up Strong", a slower and sweeter song closer to the end of the album. The change of pace was both needed and nice. The track has a great beat, and harmonies that leave you wishing Nick was more prominent in the album. It's the slow and soulful songs like these that I live for on albums, making me want to go and make a sappy playlist of slow songs on my iPod.

As good as "Coming Up Strong" is, the best track on the album is the upbeat and crazy "Hello." The abum is named after this song for a reason, as this is the most polished song on the entire album. Very dancey and made for radio play, this one is destined to be another hit. With Amy rapping at a crazy fast rate, and even stating at one point that she could go faster, this one may take a few listens to get the verses, but it's "I'mma do it, do it" chorus line will get stuck in your head and make you want to dance all the time. If this song isn't their next single, there are some major problems with the world.

Karmin has a definite hit on their hands, and with it fairing so well on iTunes, I'd say that they are quite aware of it. They seem to be still trying to find their own identity, which can be hard after becoming famous for doing covers for so long. People may be quick to write them off as another Nicki Minaj given their similar rap style, but I think with some time, the group could develop into something amazing. They have a strong start, and as long as they continue to make original music, they will soon enough find exactly what they want to do. Some artists can look for decades until they figure out what style they are meant to be. For now, Karmin is doing pretty well with their rap/pop mashup. I'll keep my eye on them to see just exactly what they evolve into.