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Kill Hannah

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Genre:Dance, Punk, Alternative, Rock
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Most popular albums

# Album LSI Rank
1Wake Up The Sleepers [2009]
2Until There's Nothing Left Of Us (International Version) [2008]
3Until There's Nothing Left Of Us [2006]
4Lips Like Morphine [2006]
5The Curse of Kill Hannah [2004]
6For Never & Ever [2003]
7American Jet Set [1999]
8Here Are The Young Moderns [1998]


Mat Devine: vox
Dan Wiese: guitars
Jonathan Radtke: guitars
Greg Corner: bass
Garret Hammond: drums

Kill Hannah formed in 1995 in a dorm room at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Although the line-up morphed over the first few years, until the addition of Jon Radtke in 2000, one thing has remained consistent: From the very beginning Kill Hannah have been one of the hardest-working groups in the city. It was not uncommon to see members of the band endure rain and snow to hand out flyers to strangers after shows, as they still do to this day. Eventually the band's determination paid off as a following exploded to the point where Kill Hannah were selling out bi-monthly gigs at Chicago's world-famous Metro club, forging the same path as previous local legends, The Smashing Pumpkins.
Between 1996 and 2002, Kill Hannah also released a slew of albums, singles and EPs independently. –All of which quickly sold out of multiple pressings. (One rare EP recently sold at auction for $260.00)

Who is Hannah?
"I went to school for a while in a tiny farm town called Normal, Illinois. One night I was at some basement party where a horrible college band was playing Hungry Like the Wolf and I met this waif with purple hair, 3 nose piercings, dressed like a train wreck. She was 16 and attended the local Catholic high school. I thought she was amazing. -turns out she was also completely insane. We had a short, bizarre relationship that ended in my first heartbreak ever. -really messed me up for a while. Last I heard she's living in Switzerland. Probably stirring things up over there." - Mat

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  •  guest says:
    pop out
     nellbell321 says:
    Like 004-12-2012 23:11
    @ Scream song
    The intro is so beautiful.
     tht1girl says:
    Like 011-05-2011 15:11
    i really love this song...
    its one of my favorites
     tht1girl says:
    Like 021-08-2010 14:05
    ONE of the GREATESTS songs from Kill Hannah...
    LOVE it from beginning to the END....
    ESPECIALLY "All this life's a film.... So like little bees, just let them sting."
     tht1girl says:
    Like 021-08-2010 14:03
    ONE of the greatests songs from Kill Hannah...
    LOVE the beginning and LOVE the ending...
    Espeically "All this life's a film.... So like little bees, just let them sting."
    VERY deep....
     tht1girl says:
    Like 025-07-2010 23:57
    @ Love Sick song
    just one of many
    of kill hannah songs
    that are great...
     terminator92 says:
    Like 022-01-2008 14:39
    this is my ringtone this song is really awesome
     telvian says:
    Like 026-10-2007 16:57
    OMG!!!!!!! Kill Hannah is The best....Lips Like Morphine is awsome! Much Love to all of you! I LOVE ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Lagunatic says:
    Like 005-10-2007 08:53
    Story of my youth....nostalgia hit.
     Rawrr_ says:
    Like 009-08-2007 23:39
    @ Scream song
    This is easily my favorite song on 'Until There's Nothing Left of Us'.
    Almost my favorite song by them.
    Kill Hannah = love.
    Like 009-08-2007 20:53
    i am totally married to mat devine
    back off.
    he's mine.
    ii love them so much! amazinng band. and...johnny omg!
    i mean, johnny from hot topic, but i suppose johnny from KH works too. xD
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