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Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline Review
10-03-2012 15:19 | 0 comment(s)
Lacuna Coil Lacuna Coil fans can rejoice, as the band has unleashed their sixth studio album, 'Dark Adrenaline,' via Century Media Records. The disc is the Italian rock group's follow up to 2009's 'Shallow Life.'

The disc starts off with mid-tempo songs, including 'Trip the Darkness,' the first single off the album, as well as the recently previewed 'Kill the Light.' Both songs are anthemic tracks featuring singers Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro trading vocals with an impassioned intensity that sets the tone for the entire album.

Catchy, yet hard-hitting tracks, include 'Give Me Something More' and 'Upsidedown,' with choruses that are bound to replay over and over again in your mind.

'Intoxicated' is another highlight, with soaring vocals by Scabbia that create goosebumps and elevate ear drums to a whole new level. As the lyrics "In the world that I've created / I'm intoxicated" are repeated in the middle of the song, you'll find yourself rewinding the track before it's over in order to hear those impeccable vocals over and over again.

Darker, rebellious, heavy riffed tracks include 'Against You' and 'The Army Inside,' which highlight why Scabbia and Ferro work so well together as dual vocalists, and why guitarists Marco Biazzi and Christiano Migilore's guitar riffs and solos continue to stay alluring.

'Fire' has a hip-shaking drum beat has a tinge of a dancy feel without losing its edginess. Scabbia sings the very appealing chorus "Let the fire enter / Let the anger start to brew / Let your instincts break the rules / Let it rise and consume / Give into yourself." Its poetic rhythm and upbeat drum pattern makes the song that more enjoyable.

Slower like 'My Spirit' and 'End of Time' give the album even more depth and variety. Speaking of variety, there have been other covers of R.E.M's 'Losing My Religion' but none like this. Scabbia and Ferro's vocals give the song a menacing tone while still keeping true to the original song.

The album is not highly experimental or "out there" but many of the songs are incredibly appealing and there are aspects of the album that take Lacuna Coil's sound to a new height, especially vocally.

If you want to see Lacuna Coil perform some of these new tracks, click here for a full list of dates for Gigantour, on which they will be sharing the stage with Volbeat, Megadeth and Motorhead.