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Lil' Romeo
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Lil' Romeo - Girl, you know I love you (ft.Ne-Yo) Lyrics

Song details
TitleGirl, you know I love you (ft.Ne-Yo)
ArtistLil' Romeo
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Song lyrics
Girl You ........ Know I LOVE YOU

[ chorus Ne-Yo ]
If you love me baby let me know
Shawty I can't let u go
Touch Me and Kiss me , Girl you fine
You are my lady , baby your mine
Girl You know I LOVE you
Girl You know I LOVE you
Girl You know I LOVE you
Girl You know I LOVE you

[Lil Romeo]
Girl u look cute with them thighs and eyes
The way we look at each other got my hyptnotized
Shawty got a thang , She pop lock and drop
Chicken Noodle Soup baby , Take it from the top
I really dig ya
I really love ya
U a real chick , I'm a real nigga
Romeo and u My Juliet
I can give away jewels , but you I neva bet
Don't trip if u see me wit other chicks
I ain't lovin them , Or any other girls u be wit
Ro Ro , U my boo-boo
I can just hug ya , I dont have 2 say I love you
But u still know I love you baby
Ya hair black long , and ya eyes so hazey
Chick u got me goin nuts
Not to be nasty but when we hug , I feel ya butt
That was a joke
But If I can do that , baby let me know


[Lil Romeo]
Relax ya body , sick back , or go swim
If u need a Romeo in life , I'm Him
U my princess , I'm ya fresh Prince
Romeo Miller , not Will Smith
I dont got beef with Will
I'm just saying I'ma fresh prince you can feel
Girl u real
I like girls like that
R - A - J on my hat stand for Romeo And Juliet
I know I keep sayin that but I'm tryna be nice
Give it 10 or 20 more years , you'll be my wife
I need a chick who kind , funny , and who lets me
Kiss and hug , And A chick real sexy


You so damn good
Just let me know , I will treat u right
Just chill wit me baby , can a nigga stay the night
I know when the feelings right
Don't be shy babygirl , Ne-Yo won't bite

submitted by gangstar_queen on September 23rd, 2006

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