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Missy Elliott
Missy Elliott
R&B, Hip-Hop
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Missy Elliott - Nothing Out There For Me Lyrics

(feat. Beyoncé)

Song details
TitleNothing Out There For Me
ArtistMissy Elliott feat. Beyoncé
AlbumUnder Construction [2002], Track 8
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Song lyrics
[Beyonce]: There ain't nothin out there.

[Missy]: Missy Elliot exclusive. I know one thang.
Beyonce bet' not answer this phone.
Heard the ladies in free.
I aint got no money either shoot.
we 'posed to been at the club.
[Beyonce]: Hello?
[Missy]: Beyonce! I know you aint lettin that
Broke down, insecure, L.L. cool J wannabe nigga,
keep you in the house for another friday.
[Beyonce]: Look, just go ahead,
I'mma stay here wit my man
Ain't nothin out there for me

Verse 1:
[Beyonce]: My man don't like my friends
[Missy]: Girl yo man aint no good
Why he tryna keep you in?
[Beyonce]: He say they influence me
[Missy]: If I was an influence
I'da been said leave
[Beyonce]: But boy I love him so
[Missy]: Girl we late for the club,
Why You still don't wanna roll?
[Beyonce]: cause I got my prize right here.
[Missy]: See the guys at the party
[Beyonce] :There aint nothin out there for me.

Aint nothin out there for me.
This is where I wanna be
I done already been in the streets
and i aint came across nothin so sweet.
he's the only man that I love,
and I dont need more than one.
so don't worry when I'm hangin out,
He's the only one that I'm thinkin about.

Verse 2:
[Beyonce]: I know he's insecure
everytime I leave out the door.
[Missy]:And you lettin him spoil yo night
live your life, you aint even his wife.
[Beyonce]:He aint gotta worry bout me
cause I got somethin more sweet
[Missy]: Oh you must got a diamond ring.
[Beyonce]: And I know I'm so lucky
Aint nothin..

Chorus 1X

[Beyonce]: thinkin of him
he's my baby fo sho
I assure him
I love him More than ever before
And he dont warm me up
like the time that we had
I adore him
and no one had me bumpin like that
I really love him
He's my baby fo sho
I assure him
I love him more than ever before
And he dont warm me up
like that time that we had.
i adore him
and no man has come closer thanthat.

Chorus 1X

[Missy]: Look, you goin or what?
[Beyonce]: Look just, just go ahead, I'ma
stay here wit my man. Aint nothin out there
for me
[Missy]: Theres a lot of guys with cash, and
they like to spend money fast. Now is ya sure
about that?
[Beyonce]: I'm chillin wit my man, what part
don't you understand? Yeah I'm sure about
[Missy]: I think you should really go, I heard
the party is outta control. Now, make sure
you're sure about that
[Beyonce]: I don't care about no club, coz my
man is all I love. Yeah I'm sure about that
[Missy]: Don't let him blow ya high, go out
and have a nice time. Girl, is ya sure about that?
[Beyonce]: Girl I do not get high, and with him
I'm spendin all my time. Yeah I'm sure about that
[Missy]: Ok, stay wit yo man, I'll be at the club
doin my dance.
submitted by Krissy
corrected by Jess
written by Stewart, Nisan C. / Elliott, Melissa A. / Brockman, Craig Xavier
copyright with Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Bmg Rights Management Us, Llc, Emi Music Publishing

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0 likes - like | 25-10-2005 03:00 CrunkRizzie 
300 posts
I like this song from the start!
0 likes - like | 12-10-2005 19:50 Krunkvile 
74 posts
this song is hott n I been thru the same situation mah man is worth all my time...