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Moloko albumsMost popular Moloko albums (see all 6 albums)
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6*Do You Like My Tight Sweater? [1995]

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Latest Moloko comments
08-03-2011 20:51 hirf
70 posts
Song comment
@ Come On

My favourite song on the album, and one of my favourite songs ever.
01-11-2010 22:35 hirf
70 posts
Album comment
@ Statues

Here's the last album by the Anglo-Irish duo, Moloko. Presented as an album representing the end of a relationship (namely, Roisin Murphy and Mark Brydon's), it possesses the general theme of diminishing romantic relationship, the emotional turmoil and finally, the end.
A Moloko album has never been so polished; and that can both be a good thing and a bad thing. Some people may prefer older and 'quirkier' Moloko work, but judging from ratings of past Moloko hits on LetsSingIt, most of the on-line population of this site would love this 'new' material
It plays smoothly, song by song, seamlessly. There is an obvious theme and connection between each song. However, each song is unique enough to warrant many listens. Instrumentals play a large part of each song, going on for several minutes at a time, reaching a climax, an epitome of a the emotional end and/or beginning of a relationship. Lyrically, the words tie in with the general theme of a break-up. Vocally, Roisin Murphy has always been top notch, and Statues is no exception; as always, she is a pleasure to listen to.

Familiar Feelinsgs
Come On
Forever More
I Want You
Over & Over
22-01-2006 13:11 Baino
2,208 posts
Song comment
@ The Time Is Now

Good song.
12-12-2005 01:15 DarkMalakiel
7 posts
Song comment
@ Fun for Me

great song!

good rhythm!

awesome lyric!

31-08-2005 07:26 beetroot
12,945 posts
Song comment
@ The Time Is Now

This song is so brilliant!
It was the first Moloko song I heard...
And I learnt the guitar part... its a good song
30-06-2005 18:55 schmeep
1,164 posts
Song comment
@ Sing It Back

Amazing lyrics and a great melody
02-02-2005 12:22 Olivia_Ka
44,419 posts
Song comment
@ The Time Is Now

05-11-2004 06:00 Mien
1,324 posts
Song comment
@ Sing It Back

Positively brilliant! Evokes disco...
13-09-2004 13:57 DECEMBER_1997
376 posts
Song comment
@ The Time Is Now

Beautiful Song. Fits with her vocals.
13-09-2004 13:45 DECEMBER_1997
376 posts
Song comment
@ Sing It Back

One of the greatest summer anthems of 1999. I just love it. I will never get bored of it because it is just great. "Moloko" means "Milk" in Russian.