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Mr. Capone-E
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Mr. Capone-E

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The most requested rapper straight from the streets. This young soldier made a mark in the rap game and created the biggest buzz on the streets and his fan base is one of the strongest in the music industry. From his first release Mr.Capone-E has sold over 500,000 units without major promotion and radio, his fan base loyalty makes him a street legend. Be on the lookout for two Hot releases this year from Mr.Capone-E "A Soldier's Story" in stores August 2005 and Mr.]
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18-05-2009 20:56 ALMA13
1 posts
Song comment
@ Dont Get it Twisted

i love this song its bomb!!
12-12-2008 20:52 Payasa707
6 posts
Song comment
@ You're The One For Me


I love dis song
31-07-2006 17:24 suenadora
10 posts
Song comment
@ Angel Baby

i love dis song so much cuz wen i wuz born my older sister used to sing it to me and it bringz bak memories to me wen i hear dis song
04-05-2006 07:28 JMP41189
11 posts
Song comment
@ Angel Baby

I Looooovvvvve this song i hooked up with my man to this song and i got married to this song i love it sooo much.....
11-12-2005 02:14 nike_balla
14 posts
Song comment
@ My Angel

[b]I guess i kold zay dat thiz zong'z okay...but i really like the chorus!!!!
07-10-2005 02:53 gunitchic
18 posts
Song comment
@ Angel Baby

i jus luv diz song b-cuz its da surenos that sing better than nortenos na i m jus playin! Not
well this song it hella tite i dnt kno who doesnt like diz song but if u dnt den screw u!!!!!!!!!!!! piece my niggas in a good way!!!!!!!!!
13-07-2005 21:30 Super_Freak_05
3 posts
Song comment
@ What's My Name?

i love this song and i hope alex knows i'll never 4get!
06-07-2005 22:05 IFnCG4ever
8 posts
Song comment
@ Angel Baby

OOps!! Sorry I meant Ms Sancha not Sancho. LOL.
06-07-2005 22:04 IFnCG4ever
8 posts
Song comment
@ Angel Baby

I LOVE this song. It is the best damn song ever!! I totally agree with Ms Sancho that if you don't like this song you don't know good music when you hear it. Lataz!!
16-03-2005 04:37 Ms Sancha
1 posts
Song comment
@ Angel Baby

dam i'm the 1st to discuss this song. The song is bad @$$ ! This is the shyt u jam to when crusing. What is wrong with ya peps. Pero it's all kool I like to be 1st . Pero this is a bad @$$ song ya got to admit that and if u dont' like it well then shyt u dont' know music.