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One Piece
Pop, Musical
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One Piece - One Piece Theme Song One Lyrics

Song details
TitleOne Piece Theme Song One
ArtistOne Piece
GenreMusical, Pop
Rank931 (+100) history »
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Song lyrics

"There once was pirate named Gold Roger, who was the King of the Pirates.
He had fame, power and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said.
"My fortune is yours for the taking, but you'll have to find it first.
I left everything I own in One Piece.
Ever since, pirates from all over the world set sail for the Grand Line
searching for One Piece the treasure that will make their dreams
come true."


Ya-yo Ya yo!

Dreamin', don't give it up Luffy.
Dreamin', don't give it up Zolo.
Dreamin', don't give it up Nami!
Dreamin', don't gi-give it up give it up give it up give it up give it-no!

Here's how the story goes we find out, about a treasure
in the Grand Line there's no doubt.
The pirates whose eyes on it he'll sing "I'll be King of the Pirates,
I'm goin' to be King!"

Ya-yo Ya-yo Ya-yo, uh-oh.
His name is Luffy (that's Monkey D. Luffy)
Goin' to be king of the pirates.

He's made of rubber (How did that happen)
Yo-ho-ho, he took a bite of gum-gum

Ya-yo Ya yo

His name Zolo, he's just like a samarai.
And a L.A.D.Y, Nami's not shy.
Usopps doing that marksman thing, Sanji cooking, Choppers doctoring
Ya-yo Ya-yo Ya-yo, uh-oh
Set sail for One Piece, it's the name of the treasure
In the Grand Line.

Ya-yo, Ya-yo set sail for One Piece!

^.O fixed the intro
submitted by Uriko Ishiyama on April 18th, 2006
corrected on August 25th, 2014

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