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Genre:Rock, Pop, Indie, Ethnic/Folk
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1Whispers II (Deluxe) [2015]
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The brainchild of 26-year-old Brighton born singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, Passenger is redefining the troubadour for the 21st century. Formerly a five-piece band, Passenger has now pared back to basics, quite literally bringing music to the streets on a series of lengthy busking journeys across Australia, America and the United Kingdom. A classic journeyman musician, cut from the same mould as Van Morrison, Neil Young and John Prine, Passenger has the unique ability to move from the humorous to heartbreaking with every song.

After a year spent crisscrossing the UK and US with his debut album Wicked Man's Rest, Passenger's markedly stripped down and soulful second album Wide Eyes Blind Love was brought to the public as it was created: on the road. Setting up on street corners across the UK and Australia, Passenger halted passers by in their hundreds; all connecting to the mellifluous tones and powerfully hewn lyrics emanating from this lone figure and his guitar. This is music as Passenger means it to be, unvarnished and honest, just pure talent and powerful tunes that tap straight into the heart of the crowd.

Struck by the dynamic freedom of the troubadour life, Passenger developed the grass roots method of Wide Eyes Blind Love into the germ of a new album. Impressively and entirely self funded through busking income, Passenger set about recording a series of collaborations with musical friends met along the way. Flight Of The Crow is the remarkable result of Passenger's intrepid journey, with Australian artists Lior, Josh Pyke, Katie Noonan, Boy & Bear, Kate Miller-Heidke, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Brian Campeau and Elana Stone, Matt Corby, Jess Chalker and Dead Letter Chorus all lending their voices to this serendipitous creative venture. Flight Of The Crow was recorded in Sydney's famous BJB studios over February and March of 2010, and co-produced by Berkfinger (AKA Simon Berkleman from Philadelphia Grand Jury).

As a second album born of the road, Flight Of The Crow speaks to the compelling quality of Passenger's music and the striking sincerity of his lyrics, both of which are matched by his dedication to this grass roots style of craftsmanship and collaboration. How utterly remarkable that a lone musician can travel the globe, and literally from the street, connect with some of Australia's finest musical talents to produce a self-funded album. This is the stuff of legend, with Passenger clearly evoking the humble, hardworking creativity of the troubadours of old.

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  •  guest says:
    pop out
     saina says:
    Like 024-04-2015 17:45
    When I was listening to this song for the first time and the lines, "So fill my lungs full of smoke/Fill my belly full of beer/Fill my nose..." came, I started to think of the things that our nose can be full of and I could only think of mucus. Then, he completed, "...full of cocaine" and I admitted to myself, 'Oh yeah, that too'.
     SoKawaii44 says:
    Like 113-02-2015 09:15
    @ Bullets song
    Once again you take a simple but important story from a bit of a life from a man you don't know.. that you met only briefly..and turned it into a beautiful good and brilliant as a great sit-down story with my favorite book I'm reading. My life exists around music and books, and you made his story into one for us all. A song into a great book..
    You made a life moment of his? ... relevant and MEANINGFUL..
    Much love to you always Mike!
     SoKawaii44 says:
    Like 113-02-2015 08:57
    Mike Rosenberg, a.k.a. Passenger, is the Best Artist next to Ed Sheeran that is out there now. Pure. True. Honest.
    The real deal. Start listening!! this guy is freaking brilliant.
    Writes all his songs.. Will not give in to the money..I know this to be true.
    Check out 27.. One of his best songs. FUN!
    How do you pick though? He's worked hard for over ten years singing in festivals and on street corners. He's not a new artist..just one finally getting his due. NEW ZEALAND, thank you! You loving his song Let Her Go? Changed his life. One year later..we have this brilliant Whispers album to show for you all having faith in him.
    I LOVE this man.
    He is Brilliant, and he's changing my day each day, just listening to his words about life and love and being a passenger like him on the journey we are all on.
    So much Love to you Mike! Waiting for a private, small crowd show in my area.
     proxypound says:
    Like 025-05-2014 21:54
    @ Let Her Go song
     sheety says:
    Like 020-02-2014 14:48
    @ Let Her Go song
    awesome Lyrics & music , I liked it.
    Like 013-02-2014 13:32
    @ Let Her Go song
    this song is great, I really like it
     Saina1712 says:
    Like 004-01-2014 19:38
    @ Let Her Go song
    A very nice song. Lovely!
     Datagutten says:
    Like 030-06-2013 19:33
    Nice song.
     Datagutten says:
    Like 031-05-2013 20:31
    Nice song with good lyrics. "if you can't get what you love
    You learn to love the things you've got".
     Datagutten says:
    Like 029-03-2013 21:13
    @ Let Her Go song
    Nice song with very good lyrics.
    You don't know how you appreciate things before they are gone.
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