Prince Royce
Prince Royce
Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin
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Prince Royce - Biography

last update : 20-04-2014 21:40
Geoffrey Royce Rojas otherwise known as Prince Royce was born in May 11, 1989 and raised in the Bronx, NY. Raised into a Domincan household Royce was raised like any other kid. He said that his parents were always strict but his dad was even more than his mother. His mother always supported the fact that he wanted to do something within the music business because she always wanted to be a singer as well. Once he annouced his career she was all for it .At the age of 13 Royce was writing poetry and at the age of 15 he was writing music to go with his poetry creating his songs. The name Prince Royce comes from after he looked up what Royce meant because he thought that just leaving it as Royce wouldn't pull his fans. He saw that Royce meant king's son or prince; in other words meaning it was a royalty name. Which created his stage name. He said it's just a name and it won't change how he would act around everyone. He wants to stay humble he said. He always loved many different types of music and one of his favorite songs is "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King which is the reason why he reinvented the classic song. He said it was a little diffuclt making it into a bachata style because you have to write the lyrics first then the music. It's not just for "Stand By Me" it's for every bachata style song. The reason why he chose to sing in the bachata region was because it is a Domincan style of music and he is Domincan so he thought it'll be special because he grew up listening to bachata. hes also a type a person to be very sweet to his fans and not stuck up.