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Sabrina - News

What has Sabrina become ?
28-06-2011 18:32 | 0 comment(s)
Sabrina She was the 80's star that made boys drool with the video for "Boys". Some say that she became a porn star, but it is wrong... She didn't end her singing career. Whereas the summer is going to be hot, how about jumping in the swimming pool with Sabrina ?

Don't you remember Sabrina ? You know one of her songs : "Boys (Summertime Love)". We need freshness while the summer is getting hotter. We'd better stroll around the swimming pool & watch Sabrina Salerno, the Italian singer who became a star. In the late 80's, everybody knew the "boys boys boys" & the song has been N°1 in France during 5 weeks in 1988. But you remember the video too : in a white bathing suit, the singer jumped in the water & the audience applaused !

Watch the video for "Boys" (1987) here.

After that, Sabrina didn't give up. No, she hasn't become a porn actress, as some of you believed it. No, she hasn't become a fashion model either. Nowadays, the woman has a son & owns a theatre room.

The artist has been less popular after the summer hit, still performed in campsites every summer. Since 1988, she released 7 albums. Super Sabrina came out in 1988 with "Sex" & "Pirate Of Love". Over The Pop came out 2 years later. Again, there were catchy songs like "Domination". The Italian woman performed in Shakespeare's language until 1996, with her Italian CD Maschio Dove Sei. 3 years later, she released another English album, Flower's Broken. The 90's decade has been unfair for Sabrina, so she returned to acting.

Watch the video for "I Love You" (1999) here.

Since 1998, the star has played in 3 films. Only Italian films, just like the musical "Emozioni" in 2001. She also received cinema prizes like the Critics' Choice Award for "Best Actress" in 2005, for the film "Colori". The same year, she participated to the 24th "Ex Porn Star Party", in which she played again the mythic video for "Boys", in a swimming pool (we're looking for this video !).

Summers are always hot in Genova. Now mother of a 7-year-old son, Luca, Sabrina is 43 years old & is a producer. She has her own recording studio. Believe it or not, some international artists came there like Sade. That's not everything, Sabrina has also a management agency named "New Boys Productions" (a well-chosen title), for musical & dancing shows. In 2008, with Samantha Fox & Kim Wilde, she toured in France for "RFM Party 80". Last year, she recorded a duet with Samantha Fox, the cover of "Call Me". A nice come-back for the sensual lady. Yes, Sabrina is real : she hasn't undergone plastic surgery. Did you wonder ?

Watch the video for "Call Me" with Samantha Fox (2010) here.

Sabrina also participated to the "what have they become ?" concept in 2004 : she hosted the TV show "Matricole & Meteore", looking for former stars like Shannen Doherty.

To know more about Sabrina, check her official site.