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Salvatore Adamo
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Salvatore Adamo - News

New album with French singers
14-10-2008 19:28 | 0 comment(s)
Salvatore Adamo Will Adamo follow the steps of Michel Delpech, who came back to the spotlight 2 years ago & was N°1 with his album Michel Delpech &..., in duet with Bénabar, Clarika & others ? Adamo's new album Le Bal Des Gens Bien will be released on November 11, including his hits in duet.

Michel Delpech understood it 2 years ago, duets with French singers : they work ! The singer became N°1 in French album charts. Now, Salvatore Adamo sings his hits in duet with French singers : Bénabar, Cali, Jeanne Cherhal, Julien Doré, Thomas Dutronc, Loane, Stanislas, Renan Luce, Adrienne Pauly, Raphaël, Olivia Ruiz, Maurane, Calogero, Isabelle Boulay, Juliette, Yves Simon, Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy.

Adamo & his guests cover in duet 18 of Adamo's hits like "Les Filles Du Bord De Mer", "Vous Permettez, Monsieur ?", "Tombe La Neige...", "J'Avais Oublié Que Les Roses Sont Roses", "Inch'Allah", "Mes Mains Sur Tes Hanches" & his latest hit, "Ce Georges" with Olivia Ruiz.

The production & the arrangements have been done by Alain Cluzeau (Bénabar & Olivia Ruiz) & Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis, for this elegant singer with a particular voice, so humble. Released on November 11.

Le Bal Des Gens Bien tracklist
1 Vous Permettez, Monsieur ? (duet with Bénabar)
2 Tombe La Neige... (duet with Laurent Voulzy)
3 Mes Mains Sur Tes Hanches (duet with Julien Doré)
4 La Nuit (duet with Jeanne Cherhal)
5 Ma Tête (duet with Yves Simon)
6 Le Ruisseau De Mon Enfance (duet with Raphaël)
7 C'Est Ma Vie (duet with Isabelle Boulay)
8 Pauvre Verlaine (duet with Stanislas)
9 Les Filles Du Bord De Mer (duet with Alain Souchon)
10 Amour Perdu (duet with Loane)
11 J'Avais Oublié Que Les Roses Sont Roses (duet with Renan Luce)
12 En Blue-Jeans Et Blouson D'Cuir (duet with Adrienne Pauly)
13 Le Néon (duet with Cali)
14 Au Café Du Temps Perdu (duet with Thomas Dutronc)
15 Inch'Allah (duet with Calogero)
16 Un Air En Fa Mineur (duet with Juliette)
17 Ce Georges (duet with Olivia Ruiz)
18 Tant D'Amour Qui Se Perd (duet with Maurane)

Salvatore Adamo is a Belgian & French-speaking singer-songwriter, born on November 1, 1943 in Comiso, Sicily. In 1960, he attended a contest on Radio-Luxembourg & was the winner in Paris. Jacques Brel said Adamo was "a tender gardener of love" & Raymond Devos "Adamo... It's song, it's poem, it's vibration !". His success became international, he adapted his songs in Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese & Turkish. His song "Tombe La Neige..." became famous in Japan because it looked like a famous Japanese poem structure : haiku.

Watch the video for "Ce Georges" with Olivia Ruiz (2007) here.