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    "Awake (Deluxe)" Album Lyrics

    Genre:Alternative, Rock, Christian, Pop, Ambient
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      Track Duration Rank Score
    01Hero lyrics
    −    4.9/5    08:42
    02Monster lyrics
    −    4.9/5    02:59
    03Don't Wake Me lyrics
    −    4.0/5    03:56
    04Awake And Alive lyrics
    −    4.9/5    03:32
    05One Day Too Late lyrics
    −    4.3/5    03:36
    06It's Not Me It's You lyrics
    −    4.8/5    03:19
    07Should've When You Could've lyrics
    −    5.0/5    03:32
    08Believe lyrics
    −    4.5/5    03:51
    09Forgiven lyrics
    −    5.0/5    03:32
    10Sometimes lyrics
    −    −/5    03:27
    11Never Surrender lyrics
    −    5.0/5    03:29
    12Lucy lyrics
    −    5.0/5    03:39
    13Dead Inside lyrics
    −    4.5/5    05:29
    14Would It Matter lyrics
    −    −/5    04:07
    15Monster lyrics
    −    4.9/5    02:59
    • submitted on August 17th, 2009

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    •  guest says:
      pop out
       TylerBrach says:
      Like 021-10-2009 19:56
      When one artist copies another artist, be a style or song, it's called plagiarism. But one an artist copies it's self, its called Skillet's new album "Awake."

      Let's start with the changes:
      First off, Skillet has a new drummer and female vocalist: Jen Ledger. Besides bringing her amazing drumming skills (seriously? Playing triplets on the high-hat cymbal in the song "Hero"? Who can/does that?) she also lends her AMAZING vocal talents as well, singing solos in both "Hero" and "Awake and Alive." This would be cool enough, if the fact that she is only 18 years old is taken out of account.

      Secondly, we have Skillet's popularity and emergence into the mainstream. Already, the song "Monster" has been featured for numerous sport events, and has even made its way to the WWE video game soundtrack. Luckily, the band has so far stayed with its Christian roots, and continues to preach the word at all of its shows.

      Now lets take a look at the album. "Awake" is the 8th album put out by John Cooper's band, following their successful "Comatose" album. The two albums are extremely similar, and can almost be called "Sister Albums." Both feature songs that have that defined Skillet's sound (Heavy guitars, piano/orchestral lead and metal-core drums, aka "Epic Skillet"), songs that could be called pop-rock (Those Nights, Say Goodbye, etc.) and full blown hard-rock ("Whispers in the Dark, etc.) Going song by song, we can almost pair the songs form "Awake" with songs form "Comatose," either by similar sound, meaning, or both.

      1. Hero=Rebirthing (Very similar sound, "Epic Skillet")
      2. Monster=Falling Inside the Black (Songs with similar themes, Hard rock Skillet)
      3. Don't Wake Me=Yours to Hold (Similar sound, similar theme of loving someone who does not in love you in return)
      4. Awake and Alive=Comatose (There is speculation that Awake was supposed to be a continuation of Comatose, like a person coming out of a coma. One could also go as far as saying Collide, Comatose, and Awake were named that way, in that order, on purpose)
      5. One Day Too Late=The Older I Get (EXTREMELY SIMILAR SOUND!)
      6. It's Not Me It's You=Stands out, does not really match any song from "Comatose."
      7. Should've When You Could've=Those Nights (Very similar sound, but lyrics are almost a mirror of each other.)
      8. Believe=Another stand out, could also be paired with "The Last Night."
      9.Forgiven=The Last Night (Similar sound, opens with piano, then goes to full orchestra and heavy guitar as rythem.)
      10. Sometimes=Whispers in the Dark ("Hard-Rawk" Skillet sound, could be considered mirrors of each other.)
      11. Never Surrender=Better Than Drugs (Similar message in the song.)
      12. Lucy=Pure original. Best listened to with a box of Kleenex nearby.

      Track to track, Awake follows a pattern of Hard/Epic sound, followed by a mellow or pop-rock sounding song. It is easy to listen to the first two songs, skip "Don't Wake Me", listen to the next song, skip the next, then start over by listening to "Lucy" and going to "Don't Wake Me" and repeating the process. While every song wont become a favorite, each one is well written, produced, and best of all, its Christian. What more could you ask for. Final Rating 5/5.