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Alternative, Rock, Christian
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Skillet - Open Wounds Lyrics

Song details
TitleOpen Wounds
AlbumCollide [2003], Track 3
GenreAlternative, Christian, Rock
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Song lyrics
In the dark with the music on
Wishing I was somewhere else
Taking all your anger out on me, somebody help
I would rather rot alone
Then spend a minute with you
I'm gone, I'm gone

And you can't stop me from falling apart
'Cause my self-destruction is all your fault

How could you, how could you, how could you hate me?
When all I ever wanted to be was you?
How could you, how could you, how could you love me?
When all you ever gave me were open wounds?

Downstairs the enemy sleeps
Leaving the TV on
Watching all the dreams we had turn into static
Doesn't matter what I do
Nothing's gonna change
I'm never good enough

And you can't stop me from falling apart
'Cause my self-destruction is all your fault


Tell me why you broke me down and betrayed my trust in you
I'm not giving up, giving in when will this war end?
When will it end???

You can't stop me from falling apart (3X)
'Cause my self-destruction is all your fault.


(Vamp out)
submitted by joshwright17

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0 likes - like | 07-02-2007 00:58 kayce8908 
4 posts
This song makes me think of my relationship with my dad ... so I pretty much understand what the writer of it was saying. AND BY THE WAY, SKILLET IS AMAZING!
0 likes - like | 09-01-2006 06:05 SimpleMan81127 
34 posts
He said that God told him to get back in touch while he was doing a concert.He said that!YES!They are still spreading the word.I was getting nervous cause switchfoot changed (i saw them in concert and they took the word redemption out of "Dare you to move")
0 likes - like | 09-11-2005 17:18 0cutey0 
13 posts
i even didnt heard bout it...
then i saw your replys so i saerched it (and i found it...)
very nice one!!!really!!
0 likes - like | 09-11-2005 13:36 manlovesmetal 
123 posts
definitelt my fav skillet rocks
0 likes - like | 09-11-2005 05:09 ggmel 
10 posts
this is the best song by skillet, i love it!!!
0 likes - like | 02-08-2005 21:29 ByChristAlone 
21 posts
wow thanks!
I was wondering about this song also, but then it came to me to, that it was about his dad, although i didn't know that Jon had a step dad, i just thought it was about his dad...
Great song!
0 likes - like | 04-06-2005 00:24 perfetto06 
1 posts
to everyone who is wondering what htis song means...i was wondering the same thing until i saw skillet in concert last week and Jon the lead singer edxplained it. it is about how is mom died when he was really young and then his dad re-married 2 onths later. he felt that his dad had betrayed him and his mom so when he graduated he left and didnt come back but finally God told him to get back in touch with his dad. it is a great song and very meaningful. i hope this helps all of you that were confused.>
0 likes - like | 11-05-2005 02:53 wishful_dreamer 
102 posts
does anyone know anything about this song!???
0 likes - like | 01-05-2005 23:11 Asherz_2k8 
6 posts
I just got this CD, and this song is the best. I <3 the lyrics.

--> Ash <--
0 likes - like | 24-04-2005 20:57 GuitarDrumr4G 
2 posts
So does anyone know what this song means?

0 likes - like | 08-04-2005 20:05 Dness 
5 posts
This song is seriously, probably the best one i've heard by Skillet...its my favorite song, i cant stop listening to it....i so need to get more of their cds!!!
0 likes - like | 08-04-2005 14:55 kyles_baby 
22 posts
Dude, skillet so rocks. This song is by far the most wicked awesome song I know of.
0 likes - like | 03-04-2005 14:09 GuitarDrumr4G 
2 posts
I was wondering the same thing. What exactly is Skillet saying in this song?

0 likes - like | 24-02-2005 00:56 Invert48 
34 posts
Awesome Melody awesome vocals one of their best!
0 likes - like | 26-12-2004 23:49 wishful_dreamer 
102 posts
can someone tell me what skillet is saying? (what they mean)
how could you,
how could you hate me?
when all i wanted was to be
was you
(DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!)
how could you
how could you love me?
when all you gave me was open wouds

I dont get this song! HELP!!!!
(I do really like it though, skillet is one of my favorites bands!!!! )
0 likes - like | 08-12-2004 21:58 sandwich606 
13 posts
Wow...Awesome song!!
0 likes - like | 20-11-2004 05:16 sk8ers_rock12 
28 posts
This song is my favorite by them, it ROCKS!!!
0 likes - like | 15-11-2004 16:18 demonoid_phenom 
13 posts
i agree with you guys i like the new cd although i regretably got ahold of the copy that didn't have open wounds which was why i wanted it to begin with but now i can't seem to get the thing out of my player
0 likes - like | 21-09-2004 20:10 WillbeLOVED274 
1 posts
I agree that Open Wounds is a freaking rocking song! Not only the music but the lyrics are just so freaking awesome
0 likes - like | 15-09-2004 02:09 old_red 
9 posts
I bought the newer cd that has this song on it. i think this is the best Skiilet song but i like "my Obsession" too!! SKILLET ROCKS!!
0 likes - like | 20-07-2004 06:40 jaimes57 
1 posts
i am so sad! i got the "collide" cd a while ago, and they JUST released a new version of the cd that has "open wounds" on it. i didn't get the song! i just saw skillet in concert and they played "open wounds," and it was really good (of course, all their songs are!). so if you guys haven't bought "collide" yet, go for it, because now it has an extra song.

~~from a panhead~~
0 likes - like | 05-07-2004 23:40 Dezreki 
2 posts
My fav. Skillet song! Get it ppl!