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16-06-2014 03:48 Equines
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@ Red
Hymn For The Missing lyrics

This melody of this music does sound kind of sad.
15-06-2014 00:46 unsane
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@ Drowning Pool
Enemy lyrics

AWESOME freaking song....this is dedicated to many, a perfect rendition of my thinking, but gotta leave it all up to Karma.
14-06-2014 23:31 unsane
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@ Three Days Grace
Painkiller lyrics

I loved loved loved this song a couple weeks ago when i first heard it, but of course our stupid excuse of a rock radio station did not say who sang it. I finally tracked it down, and knew I'd be able to find it on here as there are great uploaders on here, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH and great song!!!
13-06-2014 17:34 pjb448
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@ Connie Francis
My Happiness [Alternate Version] lyrics

This is 'Lipstick on your collar', not 'My Happiness".
12-06-2014 02:50 arjnoro
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@ Explosion Nortena
Dueña De Mi Vida lyrics

The author of the song Duena de mi Vida is Enrique Martinez from
Sonora Mexico. This song has copyrights
11-06-2014 19:49 PianoPLayer698
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@ Nico & Vinz
Am I Wrong lyrics

I like it
11-06-2014 19:47 PianoPLayer698
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@ Neon Trees
Sleeping With A Friend lyrics

I like this song, it's good
11-06-2014 19:46 PianoPLayer698
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@ Ed Sheeran
Sing lyrics

I like this song, it's good
11-06-2014 17:21 Bones_Shatter
2,862 posts
@ The Weeknd
Twenty Eight lyrics

11-06-2014 15:45 HeyIKnowThisOne
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@ Charles Aznavour
La Baraka (English) lyrics

Correction to the first line of the second verse: Faster than we, luck changes feelings. It should be: Faster the wheel of chance is spinning.
11-06-2014 00:23 rainking884
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@ Rage Against The Machine
War Within A Breath lyrics

this song is about what happened on January 1st, 1994, when Zapatistas in Chiapas (southwest Mexico) rose up and demanded an end to their poverty. see what you can find out about Zapata and the Zapatistas. it's a recurring theme in De La Rocha's lyrics...
10-06-2014 21:41 cobralaserface
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@ Solution .45
Lethean Tears lyrics

Pretty sure it's "bleeding dry the heart" not "bleeding fry the heart"
10-06-2014 02:48 fephoy
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@ Jackson Browne
Call It A Loan lyrics

Really loved JB and his songs...
09-06-2014 15:44 Bamcubz
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@ Bonnie Raitt
Something to Talk About lyrics

Send this out to Brad Courtney. LOL
09-06-2014 15:39 Free_K1LL
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@ Nightwish
Creek Mary's Blood lyrics

Gotta say, I never expected to hear Lakotan spoken in a NW song... they pulled it off beautifully though, and I'd rather have Norsemen do it than, say, Franks or Spaniards.

@ anyone who doesn't like the sound of it: Now you know how I feel about French. And Spanish.
09-06-2014 13:59 CarlJ
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@ They Might Be Giants
The Guitar lyrics

great song from a great group
08-06-2014 22:39 jackpot2
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@ Lyfe Jennings
Haters lyrics

Love you lyfe.
07-06-2014 23:16 Olivia_Ka
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@ The Spinners
I'll Be Around lyrics

This is a sound I'm feeling now, deep in my heart. Check it out!
07-06-2014 05:14 PompyPants
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@ The Imagineers
The Late Late Show Theme lyrics

Nice Work but i suppose it sounds more like "....sleep through work tomorrow..." i maybe wrong.. anyways cheers!
06-06-2014 17:07 HBJoeNOC
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@ Jeff Buckley
Hallelujah lyrics

Perfection !!
05-06-2014 19:25 Krunegard
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@ Markus Krunegård
Helli lyrics

05-06-2014 18:42 PianoPLayer698
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@ 5 Seconds Of Summer
She Looks So Perfect lyrics

I really like this song, it's really good
05-06-2014 18:41 PianoPLayer698
860 posts
@ Cody Simpson
Surfboard lyrics

I like this song, it's ok

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