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11-03-2014 23:03 unsane
365 posts
@ Depeche Mode
In Your Room lyrics

Song is good but jus the lyrics are better
11-03-2014 23:00 unsane
365 posts
@ Depeche Mode
I Feel You lyrics

Very good song!!!
11-03-2014 22:56 unsane
365 posts
@ Depeche Mode
Personal Jesus lyrics

I have a friend who may slightly view himself as my personal .... wouldn't be Jesus 'cuz he claims to be an athiest. But he's in a position, been there a long time, and he even referenced this song to himself about me many years ago. Anyways, good tune!
11-03-2014 22:52 unsane
365 posts
@ Depeche Mode
Enjoy The Silence lyrics

Good song from depeche mode.
11-03-2014 22:17 unsane
365 posts
@ Saliva
Always lyrics

The lyrics to this song are incredible! I think my fave tune from them!! kick ass
11-03-2014 13:00 PianoPLayer698
800 posts
@ Beyonce
Flawless lyrics

not what I expected, and not her best work. don't like it all that much
11-03-2014 04:56 the_kinslayer
1,374 posts
@ Falling In Reverse
It's Over When It's Over lyrics

Amazing song!
11-03-2014 04:52 the_kinslayer
1,374 posts
@ Starset
My Demons lyrics

Love this song
11-03-2014 02:19 AngSpar
1 posts
@ Barcelona
Drop Everything lyrics

Love this song! Listening to it, one can sense how the protagonist in the story feels a very strong connection with the young girl on the bus. Perhaps she could be his/her soulmate? They want to say something but can't bring themself to. This is a tender song addressing something many of us can relate to; the depth and complexity of fear (and rejection) within ourselves and how it can hold us back. Beautifully written.
10-03-2014 22:14 skystar2000
6 posts
@ Keith Sweat
Nobody lyrics

cool im sexy
10-03-2014 15:27 eti_erik
1 posts
@ Neneh Cherry
Across The Water lyrics

line 6 'clean' should be 'plain'
line 9 'boose' should be 'booze'
line 15 'sweet leap' should be 'sweetly'
line 21/34 'two hands' should be 'hands'
line 24/37 'But good god will show them me' should be 'But will God wash over me'
line 28/41 'the brede' should be 'debris'
line 29/42 'Cracks? in fall lines' should be 'cracks and fault lines'
line 31/44 'rivers' should be 're-runs'
10-03-2014 01:53 Bones_Shatter
1,581 posts
@ Ace Wilder
Busy Doin' Nothin' lyrics

Catchy tune
09-03-2014 22:36 nellbell321
432 posts
@ Chvrches
Recover lyrics

09-03-2014 21:09 FabulousSplendo
1 posts
@ Bobby Fuller Four
I Fought The Law And The Law Won lyrics

Don't shove your religious crap into my face. It's clearly about his attempted robbery and arrest. Asshole!
09-03-2014 14:02 PianoPLayer698
800 posts
@ Becky G
Play It Again lyrics

i like this song. it's good.
08-03-2014 08:33 LyricsLover
2 posts
@ Indila
Dernière Danse lyrics

Here's my karaoke video to help you singing french with Indila.
07-03-2014 02:32 Captain_Keeta
27,985 posts
@ Logic
Numbers lyrics

I love this so much.
06-03-2014 21:16 Joeyy
29,364 posts
@ Willy Moon
I Put A Spell On You lyrics

An interesting take on a classic song.
06-03-2014 20:59 Joeyy
29,364 posts
@ Willy Moon
Railroad Track lyrics

Still undecided on the "And I ain't goin' back, no, I ain't comin' back" line - whether it's "goin'" twice, "comin'" twice, or one of each...
06-03-2014 16:46 Samson91
265 posts
@ Leighton Meester
Coming Home lyrics

It's Gwyneth Paltrow's voice in the song video there, you!

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