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Sweeney Todd
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Sweeney Todd - Pretty Women Lyrics

(duet with Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp)

Song details
TitlePretty Women
ArtistSweeney Todd duet with Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp
AlbumSweeney Todd (1979 Original Broadway Cast) [1979], Track 19
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street [2007], Track 13
Rank8,425 (*) history »
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Song lyrics
Judge Turpin: "Mr. Todd?"

Sweeney Todd: "At your service... An honour to receive
your patronage, my lord."

Judge Turpin: "Do you know me, sir?"

Sweeney Todd: "Who in this wide world does not know the
great Judge Turpin? And what may I do for
you today, sir? A stylish trimming of the hair?
A soothing skin massage? Sit, sir, sit."

Judge Turpin: You see, sir, a man infatuate with love
Her ardent and eager slave
So fetch the pomade and pumice stone
And lend a more seductive tone
A sprinkling perhaps of French cologne
But first, sir, I think-- a shave

Sweeney Todd: The closest I ever gave

[Sweeney Todd whistles]

Judge Turpin: "You're in a merry mood today, Mr. Todd."

Sweeney Todd: 'Tis your delight, sir, catching fire
From one man to the next

Judge Turpin: 'Tis true, sir, love can still inspire
The blood to pound, the heart leap higher
What more--

Sweeney Todd: What more

BOTH: Can man require

Judge Turpin: Than love, sir?

Sweeney Todd: More than love, sir

Judge Turpin: What, sir?

Sweeney Todd: Women

Judge Turpin: Ah, yes - women

Sweeney Todd: Pretty women

Judge Turpin: Bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom

[Sweeney Todd whistles]

Sweeney Todd: Now then, my friend
Now to your purpose
Patience - enjoy it
Revenge can't be taken in haste

Judge Turpin: Make haste, and if we wed, you'll be commended, sir

Sweeney Todd: My lord,
And who, may it be said is your intended, sir?

Judge Turpin: My ward

"And pretty as a rosebud."

Sweeney Todd: "Pretty as her mother?"

Judge Turpin: "What? What was that?"

Sweeney Todd: "Nothing, sir. Nothing."

Pretty women
Sipping coffee
Pretty women
Are a wonder
Pretty women

Sitting in the window
Or - standing on the stair
Something in them cheers the air

Pretty women

Judge Turpin: Silhouetted

Sweeney Todd: Stay within you

Judge Turpin: Glancing

Sweeney Todd: Stay forever

Judge Turpin: Breathing lightly

Sweeney Todd: Pretty women

BOTH: Pretty women

Sweeney Todd: Blowing out their,

Judge Turpin: Blowing out their

BOTH: Candles

Sweeney Todd: Or - combing out their,

Judge Turpin: Combing out their

BOTH: Hair

Judge Turpin: Then they leave--

Sweeney Todd: Even when they leave,


Judge Turpin: Even when they leave you and vanish
They somehow can still remain
There with you
There with you

Sweeney Todd: They still
Are there
They're there

BOTH: Ah, pretty women

Sweeney Todd: At their mirrors

Judge Turpin: In their gardens

Sweeney Todd: Letter-writing

Judge Turpin: Flower-picking

Sweeney Todd: Weather-watching

BOTH: How they make a man sing!
Proof of heaven
As you're living
Pretty women, sir!
Pretty women, yes!
Pretty women, sir!

Sweeney Todd: Pretty women, here's to
Pretty women, all the
Pretty women...
submitted on January 20th, 2008
corrected by Jess Keko ~ Moderator on July 22nd, 2009

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0 likes - like | 12-02-2008 21:57 MrsSweeneyTodd 
4 posts
This song was so good, i loved it