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Classical, Soul
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Temptations - My Girl Lyrics

Song details
TitleMy Girl
Album50th Anniversary: Singles Collection 1961-1971 [2011], Track 21
Icon: Temptations [2010], Track 3
Classic Soul Hits [2008], Track 5
One Night In London [2007], Track 14
Love Songs [2004], Track 1
Papa Was A Rolling Stone [2002], Track 1
Get Ready [2002], Track 1
Original Lead Singers Of [2001], Track 2
Their Very Best [2001], Track 1
Christmas & Hits Duos [2000], Track 2 Disc 2
My Girl [2000], Track 1
Early Classics [1999], Track 1
Best Of The Temptations The Millennium Collection (20th Cent. Masters) [1999], Track 1
Temptations Live [1999], Track 4 Disc 2
Temptations Sing Smokey [1998], Track 3
the Temptations - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 [1998], Track 2
Ultimate Collection [1997], Track 2
Emperors Of Soul [1994], Track 21
Live [1992], Track 3
Greatest Hits [1992], Track 1
Meet & Sing Smokey Robinson [1990], Track 14
GenreClassical, Rap, Soul
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Song lyrics
I've got sunshine
On a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside
I've got the month of May.

I guess you'd say
"What can make me feel this way?"
My girl
My girl
My girl
Talkin' 'bout my girl.
(my girl)

I've got so much honey
The bees envy me.
I've got a sweeter song
Than the birds in the trees.

Well, I guess you'd say
"What can make me feel this way?"
My girl
My girl
My girl
Talkin' 'bout my girl.
(my girl)

hoooo hoooo

hey hey hey
hey hey hey

hoooooo hooooo.....yeah

I don't need no money,
Fortune, or fame.
I've got all the riches, baby
One man can claim.

Well, I guess you'd say
"What can make me feel this way?"
My girl
My girl
My girl
Talkin' 'bout my girl
My girl
(Talkin' 'bout my girl.)
I've got sunshine on a cloudy day with my girl
I've even got the month of May with my girl.
(my girl, my girl)

Talkin' 'bout
Talkin' 'bout
Talkin' 'bout, baby
(my girl.)
submitted by Kalli
corrected by Elyse on December 15th, 2011
written by Robinson Jr., William / White, Ronald A
copyright with Lyrics © Emi Music Publishing


 Song comments
30-01-2011 15:09 MyGhettoGospel 
240 posts
so sweet..
10-12-2007 04:29 Pineapplechic 
101 posts
this is a wonderful song, i cant help but sing along!
18-11-2006 19:07 xomonkey823ox 
2 posts
ahh this song is great. brings back really good memories

24-06-2006 02:51 PerfectByNature 
287 posts
27-02-2006 22:56 Honeybunny1215 
210 posts
This is one of the most Greatest songs ever!
21-12-2005 11:41 Nibbor 
96 posts
Normally I'm more into rock and punk..
But this is a great golden oldie!
17-12-2005 23:42 hearts_shatter 
100 posts
03-10-2005 01:57 MissFlirtybabi 
22 posts
i cannot believe so little ppl have replied!! i love this song, its definitely a classic. everyone has heard or heard of this song before. two thumbs up temptations!!
20-03-2005 13:02 sarah_2204 
3,596 posts
I agree. This song is awesome
02-03-2005 02:56 Honeybunny1215 
210 posts
[i]I love this song it's great it's a classic
11-02-2005 14:49 mayana07 
17,062 posts
I love it I saw heard it on a commercial
03-08-2004 04:55 TenkoKitsune 
1,710 posts
this is the perfect song for if ur feeling down. i luv it! i plan on playin it at my wedding. which is in maaaaaaaany years. lol
22-05-2004 19:51 Psychocurly 
3 posts
wass up man.. this song is sooo nice it makes me feel sooo goood its very very nice
18-04-2004 13:24 Megan1985 
295 posts
a song that really gets me in a good mood is "Build me up Buttercup" by The Foundations the Temptations sing it too
18-04-2004 06:45 musiclovinggrl 
1 posts
love this song makes me be in a great moood its definetly my fav from temptatioons 2 thumbs up

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