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The Deadweights
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The Deadweights newsThe Deadweights news (2)
The Deadweights new album in stores Feb. 5, 2008
30-11-2007 | 0 comments The Deadweights' long awaited 7th studio album, From the Age of Doublethink, is due in stores this February. Ultimate... read more »
White Jimmy discusses the next album
27-09-2007 | 0 comments
In an interview with, White Jimmy, the eccentric lead singer of The Deadweights, discussed the band's upcoming seventh studio album. PR: So, how has the recording gone? Jimmy: We've... read more »
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The Deadweights

The Deadweights songsMost popular The Deadweights songs (see all 1 songs)
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The Deadweights albumsMost popular The Deadweights albums (see all 6 albums)
1Animosity [2002]-
2Recalled to Life [1997]-
3Prophecies of Beautiful Regression [1987]-
4Crisis [1985]-
5The Deadweights [1983]-
6First Wave Complete Destruction [1981]-

The Deadweights are an influential American punk rock band, formed in New York City in 1978.

The Deadweights began when James "White Jimmy" White and Eddie Urland left their prior band. The 2 soon joined with Dean "Dopey" Haydenbaugh and Richard "Ricky Scaggs" Scaglione and formed the band. They began appearing regularly at local NYC clubs, most notably CBGB. In 1980 they were offered a recording contract from Sire but rejected it. Evenutally they signed with Slash Records and released First Wave Complete Destruction in 1981. The title was a reference to the cold war paranoia of Atomic bombs and their destructive capabilites. The album is seen as being one of the best of the early 80's punk movement. Despite touring and a massive local fanbase, they had no widespread recognition. The band released a self titled effort in 1983 and continued touring to little widespread success. In 1985, they released Crisis, an album often seen as not only the band's finest offering, but one of the best punk albums of the 1980s. Even though, success still remained out of reach and band tensions began to take a toll. Dean Haydenbaugh left the band in early 1986, but would rejoin later on for the band's next album. In 1987, Prophecies of Beautiful Regression was released. The album was seen as a much more diverse and experimental offering. However, 2 dates into touring, Dean Haydenbaugh departed a second time, and the band recruited Jackson Hein on drums. Tensions were at an all time high and after completeing the tour, The Deadweights announced their disbandment in December 1987.

In 1995, the band's original lineup reunited, much to a shock to fans of the band and their member's projects. The band toured in 1995 on Lollapalooza and an independent tour in 1996. Finally, in early 1997, the band released the album Recalled to Life, their first in 10 years. The band embarked on their most successful tour to date in support. The band went silent again by the end of 1998, with plans uncertain.

In early 2002 the band returned and toured US clubs. On May 28, 2002, the band released their most recent studio album, Animosity, and began a world tour which culminated in 2003 with another silent period. In September 2007, the band began work on their 7th studio album, which will be produced by White Jimmy, Eddie Urland, and Bill Stevenson. The album is expected to be released in 2008. A club tour will also take place soon.


White Jimmy (born James White, January 11, 1959) - vocals
Eddie Urland (born September 26, 1959) - lead guitar
Dopey (born Dean Haydenbaugh, November 22, 1955) - drums
Ricky Scaggs (born Richard Scaglione, September 4, 1957) - bass


* First Wave Complete Destruction - May 1981
* The Deadweights - June 1983
* Crisis - September 1985
* Prophecies of Beautiful Regression - August 4, 1987
* Recalled to Life - February 11, 1997
* Animosity - May 28, 2002
* 7th album - 2008


* Hostility/Drink Tinged Vision 7" - 1980
* Dropping Neurotoxins 7" - 1980
* Hostility (re-release) - 1981
* Dumb as You - 1983
* New York Pigs - 1985
* Crisis - 1985
* Slide - 1987
* Funding the Apocalypse - 1987
* Opium of the Masses - 1997
* In the Modern Era of Chaos - 1997
* No Way in Hell - 2002
* Animosity - 2002
* Storm Will Come 7" (limited edition) - 2003

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