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The Veils
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The Veils

The Veils songsMost popular The Veils songs (see all 38 songs)
1Lavinia lyrics9,837
2It Hits Deep lyrics-
3Stronghold (Destruction) lyrics-
4Vicious Traditions lyrics-
5The Tide That Left & Never Came Back lyrics-
6...& One Of Us Must Go lyrics-
7Larkspur lyrics-
8Standing Alone (Isolation) lyrics-
9Talk Down The Girl lyrics-
10Not Yet lyrics-

The Veils albumsMost popular The Veils albums (see all 4 albums)
1Sun Gangs [2009]-
2Nux Vomica [2006]-
3The Runaway Found [2004]-
4Time Stays, We Go-

The Veils (formed in 2002) are a New Zealand band based in London, fronted by Finn Andrews. Their sound has been compared to artists as diverse as Jeff Buckley, The Birthday Party, The Smiths, and Joy Division. Their live shows have become famed for their emotional intensity and Finn's often scarily possessed stage presence.

They released their debut album, The Runaway Found, in Spain late in 2003. The first single from the album, Lavinia, was released through Rough Trade on November 24, 2003. They released the album globally in January 2004 with a different track listing. It went gold worldwide the following year.

The original lineup of The Veils (which included Oli Drake, Ben Woollacott and Adam Kinsella) disbanded in late 2004, and Andrews returned to New Zealand in order to find a new lineup. He spent the New Zealand summer rehearsing with high school classmates Liam Gerrard (keyboards) and Sophia Burn (bass), and the trio returned to London early 2005. There they got connected to Dan Raishbrook (Guitar) and Henning Dietz (drums). However Liam Gerrard left the band half way into their American tour in 2007.

The group recorded their second album Nux Vomica at Underbelly Studios in Los Angeles, with producer Nick Launay, and the album was released September 18, 2006. The album features string arrangements by ex-Lounge Lizard and long time Lou Reed collaborator Jane Scarpontoni. Nux Vomica featured on 9 critics' Best Of The Year lists in 2006.
In 2009 their third album, Sun Gangs, were released globally to much critical acclaim.

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08-01-2008 08:55 disco__rockster
1,629 posts
Song comment
@ Vicious Traditions

Wow, this song is so...... there is no word good enough that explains how good this song is.... so I'm just goin to have to stick with wow
03-09-2007 00:46 disco__rockster
1,629 posts
Song comment
@ Lavinia

gorgous song i love it
08-07-2007 10:43 ullsokk
5 posts
Song comment
@ Under The Folding Branches

This is one of my favorite songs!
And it became that alredy the third thime I heard it!!
26-01-2007 00:42 disco__rockster
1,629 posts
Song comment
@ The Tide That Left & Never Came Back

gr8 song its even beta live
finn has such a gr8 voice (an face )
24-09-2006 16:55 suusjah
9 posts
Song comment
@ The Leavers Dance

I adore this song so so much. Every time I listen this song it gives me the tickles.
Love the voice and the lyrics.. lovely.
26-05-2005 01:19 totally_hooked
25 posts
Song comment
@ Lavinia

I Freakin love this song it was on ONe Tree Hill Last night One Tree hill always has Grreeeattt Songs
01-05-2005 00:55 Tuulikki
251 posts
Song comment
@ The Tide That Left & Never Came Back

I like this song. Yes that dude is pretty. Fat lips
19-04-2005 02:13 flock
8 posts
Song comment
@ The Tide That Left & Never Came Back

14-04-2005 08:53 Steal
52 posts
Song comment
@ The Tide That Left & Never Came Back

Good song (:

The main singer is very pretty. Very, very pretty.
11-02-2005 16:32 DyingAtheist
146 posts
Song comment
@ Lavinia

God I worship this song I love it so much!