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Tony Sunshine / Lyrics

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"Oh My God [Green Lantern Remix]" Lyrics

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[P Diddy]
Yeah yeah, uh, everybody report to the dancefloor
(report to the dancefloor)
as we proceeeed
(come on uh) to give you watcha neeeed
(come on uh) yeah Terror Squad baby
They call me DIDDY (yeah uh)
Tony Sunshine... Cool & Dré...
Ayo Joe, I like this!
We aint gon' stop!! Dirtbag...
We can't stop... report to the dancefloor...
Tony to 'em, let's go!!

[Verse 1 - Tony Sunshine]
Girl, I don't know (I don't know)
What it is about 'cha (say what?)
that makes me so...
I'm like girl, it's the way you move
(it's the way you move)
That makes me wanna get up on it and let me do
(let me do things to ya)...

Lemme get up up on ya under the moonlight
(tonight, tonight)
You make a bruvva wanna wake up, start a new life
(tonight, tonight)
You make a convicted criminal wanna do right
(tongiht, tonight, tonight, tonight)

Make me say oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...
oh my God (oh my God) oh my God (oh my God)...
Make me say oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...
oh my God (oh my God) oh my God (oh my God)...
(talk to 'em)

[Verse 2]
Girl, you must be, from another planet, Baby,
Cuz what's in those jeans
(it's outta this world, Girl)
I'm like, Girl (say word) Baby it's your vibe
That makes me wanna get up on it, on that ass all night
(talk to 'em Tone)

[Repeat Hook & Chorus]

I'm in the club wit my Gator's
Bein' catered by women that's X- rated
Position they demonstrated
Aint no haters in my life
Just people who hate
She aint tryin' to be a wife
So why you tryin' to save her
I aint gon' judge you, Baby
Do what ya like
All y'all into dikin'
That might be excitin'
Wait... remember Kobe & Tyson
Let's put this thing on grammar
so there won't be no indictments
Big trucks, drivin'
More dinna chedda
I'll give ya guidance
When ya, hit me up you keep me vibin'
Cuz you know that them killas move in silence
Get the dialin' Baby
We aint hard to find
Cool & Dré & da Dirtbag & Tony Sunshine
Money on the grind
Livin large
Naked women and cigars
Oh my God

[Repeat Chorus X 3]

[P Diddy]
Report to the dancefloor
(report to the dancefloor)
Cool & Dré, Sunshine, Dirtbag
Ayo Joe, you got one now Baby
They call me DIDDY, I'm your tour guide for the sexiness
Lets WORK! Lets WORK! Lets WORK!
Sing the song! Sing the song! (Oh- oh my God)
Only for the sexy people... LETS GO!!!
  • submitted on October 26th, 2005

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