Wednesday 13
Wednesday 13
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Wednesday 13 - Biography

last update : 15-12-2006 02:58
Current band members:
Wednesday 13 - vocals and guitar
Eric Griffin - guitar
Racci Shay - drums
Nate Manor - live bass
Kid Kid - bass [in the band, but currently injured]

Former Band Members:
Nicodemous - live bass [2004]
Christopher Lee - live drums [004]
Gory - live guitar [2004]
Ikky - guitar [2004]
Piggy D - guitar [2004-2006]
Ghastly - drums [2004-2006]
Argyle Goolsby - live bass [2006]
Brix - live bass [2006]

Wednesday 13 is a Rock / Punk / Gothic band, fronted by the Murderdolls frontman of the same name.

Joseph Poole, better known as Wednesday 13 [born August 12, 1976] is a musician, and currently resides in Landis, North Carolina with his wife, Roxanne, and daughter, Zoie. The band's music and lyrics, as well as all guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals on the recordings are by Wednesday 13. On their debut album, Ghastly drummed, whilst Kid Kid and Piggy D provided some back up vocals

After Wednesday 13's primary band the Murderdolls went on hiatus, he went on a solo tour of the United Kingdom in March 2004, called the "Graveyard A Go-Go" tour. For his live performances he was joined by members of Florida horror punk band Death Becomes You, though this was not meant to be permanent.

When Wednesday 13 returned to North Carolina in June 2004, he began to but together a more permanent band, with whom he would perform with under the Wednesday 13 name. He brought in a former Frankenstein Drag Queens member Ikky on guitar, a former rival; Kid Kid [founder of Lunatic Candy Kreep] and a local drummer named Ghastly.

The band was heavily influenced by the likes of KISS and Alice Cooper, while at the same time not straying far from the band members previous horror punk related projects. In September 2004, Ikky was replaced with Matt Montgomery also known as Piggy D., who had recently departed from the band Amen. Together the Wednesday 13 band toured Europe in November 2004 on the "Look What The Bats Dragged In" tour, some of dates were supported by English rockers Viking Skull.

In 2005 after touring Japan, they released their debut album "Transylvania 90210", and made a promotional video for the track "I Walked With A Zombie". The video depicted the band members in footage from the original "Night Of the Living Dead" horror movie. Following the album's release, the group embarked on a tour of the United Kingdom; "Tour from the Crypt".

Also in 2005 they played on the main-stage of Download Festival at Donington, but perhaps the crowning moment for the group so far was when they opened some shows for their idol, Alice Cooper, around Halloween.

Wednesday 13 parted ways with Roadrunner Records, before signing a new deal with Rykodisc, which then released a new album on a recording company named Fang Bang on September 12th, 2006.

During March and April of 2006 all of the members of the band parted ways with Wednesday 13, first the bassist Kid Kid, to concentrate fully on his solo project. It was announced that Argyle Goolsby of Blitzkid would be filling in at three live shows, before the band found a permanent replacement. Wednesday 13 then announced that guitarist Piggy D and Ghastly had also left the band, stating that he maintains an amicable relationship with all the former members and wished them luck.

On the band's official website, Wednesday 13 wrote that there would be a special Wednesday 13 line-up for a Cancer research benefit concert, and the following gig. This line-up brought Wednesday 13 and his Murderdolls band mate Eric Griffin back together for the first time since 2003. Griffin took on guitar playing duties, also joining him was drummer Racci Shay and bassist Brix from the band Dope . It was later announced that this line-up, aside from Brix would be permanent.